True Faith

It should be noted, that religious affiliation does not necessarily imply and indicate TRUE FAITH.

TRUE FAITH is in God, the Truth of life.

When one has true faith, then one is true, sincere and good.

One cannot do harm and be wicked.

One is kind and noble.

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Faith Part Two

FAITH is in GOD and in HIS WORDS.
There has to be a God, in order to explain the presence of the universe.

If not, the glorious appearance of the universe cannot be accounted for.

Therefore God is an axiomatic necessity.

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Spread the Word

In the beginning was the word. The word was with God and the word was God (John 1.1) and the word will make you God.
When you HEAR the word from God, IT will make you God.
Therefore, POSITION yourself to so receive the word. That means be in a potentially receptive state of total attention.

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The Practice of True religion

TRUE FAITH: FAITH IN GOD is only True Faith, and not in a religion.


God is the eternal sublime Truth and that is what you seek and want in your life.
While religion is a man-made institute and fabrication.
Fabricated by the ingenuity of the human mind as a social institute.
Thus religions are a social club.
Religions DE-FOCUS one from God, as a social gathering and a community get-together, and thus

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On The One God

All the religions of the world speak of only one God. That is ADWAITA or Non-dual existence.

What is this Non-dual awareness?

It is an existence wherein God alone is.

God is free of everything and exists in the fullness and glory of being and existence.

One cannot postulate or imagine what it is.

The only way to know God is to be God.

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God Is Your Guru, Part Two

God will speak to you.



Because He brought you into the world, and therefore he will have to take you back from the world, into His Kingdom.

WHEN! When you are ready and prepared.

Your current life is the preparation.

He is preparing you in His way, not in your way, for your soul-growth.

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On Meditation

Meditation is an act of being-in-TUNE with your Divine Nature.

An ACT is an active process.

In this ACT you are in TUNE, with whatever you really are.

Then how to be so?

And WHERE to be so?

The MIND is the only tool you have.

The MIND in its very formation, is always naturally present EITHER with the SELF or the NON-SELF.

WHEN the mind is AWARE of the INDIVIDUAL SELF and the world, THEN it is in TUNE with the NON-SELF.

WHEN not so, it is naturally in TUNE with the SELF, which is its TRUE DIVINE SELF.

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On Dharma – Righteous Living

God is pleased with you when you do the right thing.

How could He be pleased with you when you do the wrong thing, by doing wrong to others and being unkind and wicked in your acts and disposition.

Hence only by REPENTENCE and ACTS of forgiveness and reconciliation, could you be reconciled with God and earn your FAVOUR with Him.

Thus He confers His Mercy upon thee and absolves you of your SINS.

Hence as an initial act, fervently REPENT for your sins and wrong doings and perform ACTS of MERCY for your retribution.

This PROCESS OF YOURS, is what is meant by ‘BAPTISM WITH WATER’ as stated by Jesus.

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Teachings To Children

1. The purpose of life; to live life honourably, nobly and correctly with justice and goodness. This is DHARMA or righteous living.

2. Secondly to know and experience God. Then what is God? God is not a being. It is a Consciousness full of grace & love. When you have love, you too will be full of grace. Even though you do not see God, God exists, for He is the governor of the universe. Without him the world cannot exist, nor you.

This feeling will arise in you, when you are good and full of grace and do your duty.

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You are the living child of God.

God is the God of the living, and not of the dead.

Therefore BE ALIVE.


BE Alive to life, in whatever form it unfolds.

For, YOU MANIFEST THE GLORY OF GOD in your existence.

For, just as the human parents are happy in the glory of their children, so too is the case with God, who glories in His children.

God LOVES YOU AND CARES FOR YOUR WELFARE, not in your way, but in HIS WAY.

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