What the Buddha Taught – full length version [Video]

1. The basis of His teachings, based on His experience of Nirvana.
2. He gave a new format to the ancient mystic wisdom-knowledge of India.
3. He ignored the Vedas as unworthy of human attention for
4. The Hindus deliberately distorted Buddha’s teachings.
5. Nirvana is not absolute nothingness, as absolute nothingness cannot
be experienced.
6. He gave a new format without metaphysics.
7. The mission of Buddha.
8. What is Nirvana?
9. No-soul doctrine.
10. Only a process transpired.
11. Right view of the eightfold path.

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The Way to Brahman – full length version [Video]

1. Brahman is the term used for the state of enlightenment.
2. When enlightened, one at times is indrawn; at times is aware of the
3. The threefold process of sravana (hearing the scriptural texts),
manana (reflecting over what one had heard and been taught), and
nididhyasana (advaita meditation) to attain the state of Brahman.
4. The Atman within is termed as Brahman without, so therefore Atman is
5. Thus via the scriptures the unknown Brahman is mentally made known.
6. The meaning and the sense of the term Brahman.
7. Brahman is non-dual existence. Non-dual Awareness is the way.
8. The three impediments towards this non-dual Awareness:
a) socio-religious;
b) psychological;
c) inability.
9. Manana or reflection is meant for the heart to resonate with the
teachings and with Brahman. By this, in due course, advaita vasana,
which is the tendency towards non-dual Awareness, dawns.
10. Nididdhyasana is advaita meditation.
11. What is non-dual Awareness?
12. When your mind-state synchronises with Brahman, then it is non-dual
13. The purpose of maintaining non-dual Awareness.

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What is Enlightenment [Video]

Enlighten to the reality of your own being, which could be termed as blissful perfected existence, for that is what you aspire for, to be self-complete, whole and one.

Enlightenment is absolute self-complete existence, also it is total knowledge come consciousness and thirdly blissful beingness, it is this state of affairs that you get enlightened to. This state of existence is what is popularly called as God-experience in religious circles.

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Nondual Awareness-Mission of Jesus [VIDEO]

The Mission of Jesus consists of six features.

Primarily to impart to mankind the EYE OF WISDOM.

This is termed as the SINGLE EYE which is NON-DUAL AWARENESS.

Its significance:





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The 4 Great Mahavakyas Full Length [Video]

Mahavakya’s are the truth statements. It’s the essence of the teachings
taught in the Upanishads.

First statement TAT TVAM ASI is a truth revelation as to who you are.

The second AHAM BRAHMASMI signifies to be aware as to who I am.

Thereafter the third statement indicates the manner of experience AYAM

Finally the fourth statement opens out the content of experience

To actualise the experience enter the unknowing state and travel through
the dark tunnel of darkness to arrive at the Divine which is analogous,
like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, for the Divine is

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The Mystery of Silent Awareness [Video]

The mystical significance of Non-dual Awareness. What it is; and how to 
maintain it. And WHERE should it be maintained, with the requisite 
application of the mind and will.
In this state one gets in touch with one’s true or Divine Nature. Being 
alive to one’s true nature is True Meditation. Thus is the WAY to be 
established in Brahman. It is where you also get healed of all discords.

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The Message & Teachings of the Bhagavad Gita [Video]

It is the Mystical Education taught by an Avatar on what is life and how
to live it with wisdom-knowledge. You are the theme and the
subject-matter of the Bhagavad Gita, and it deals with the fundamental
truths of life. Your immortal ATMAN, currently veiled from you, is the
Truth of life. Krishna taught the nature of the eternal Dharma or
SANATANA DHARMA referred to in the Bhagavad Gita as the ATMAN. The ATMAN is the true status and nature of one’s own existence. The WAY to be
centred in your true status as the ATMAN is presented in the teachings.
Experiencing this ATMAN is what is known in the world as God experience.

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Christian Mysticism & the Bhagavad Gita [Video]

The basis of Christian mysticism is the Bible and the mystical experiences of the Christian mystics. The Bible is a mystical book of wisdom.

The Mystic way is a pathless path, and your life is the path.

I AM THE WAY. That is I Awareness is the way. This I Awareness is the foundation of your religion. In the Bhagavad Gita this I Awareness is also mentioned and explained as to repose in the Atman which is the true Divine Self of one’s own existence.

Your daily bread is the ‘SPIRIT OF GOD’ to be rejoiced in the ‘IMAGE OF GOD’ present within man. Where was God’s image made in man, and how to so rejoice with I Awareness is the mystic way.

Thus to be in the mystical way, be poor in spirit and be a virgin soul to receive the Christ-Consciousness. To bring this about, be and live in the now. Being in the now will lead you to salvation. This is what is meant by the phrase ‘today is the day of salvation’.

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What is Meditation Part 2 [Video]

In part 2 of this two part talk on What is Meditation, Swamiji explains how all forms of worldly impressions condition you & lead to a strong feeling of “I” which creates your human nature or individuality, this is what blocks you from having the Divine experience. Therefore this individuality must be dissolved or neutralised to experience your Divine nature. To bring this about you must cultivate Divine impressions through regular Meditation. Swamiji then explains the Advaita Vedanta definition for Meditation.

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What is Meditation Part 1 [Video]

In part 1 of this two part talk on What is Meditation Swamiji explains how a one pointed state of focussed, attentive mind is SEEING with all your Awareness. In this state of meditation no thoughts or images are present, there is only SEEING. In this state you are getting in touch with your Divine Self, once this transpires you should sustain this Nondual State of Awareness. Eventually you will arrive at the Mystical state of Absorption known as Samadhi, which will lead to Enlightenment of your True Being.

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