True Faith

It should be noted, that religious affiliation does not necessarily imply and indicate TRUE FAITH.

TRUE FAITH is in God, the Truth of life.

When one has true faith, then one is true, sincere and good.

One cannot do harm and be wicked.

One is kind and noble.

These virtues are the indications of true faith in God.

When these virtues are absent, then one gravitates to religion and religious practices as a substitute.

For God is the Truth. Not religion.

Truth means that which is TRUE, and our FAITH is truly so in the Truth.

While religions are man-made institutions.

Thereby religions de-focus man from the true worship of God.

While true worship is a direct one to one dialogue with God, and not via an agency.

An agent or an agency called religion is not needed.

An agent collects his fees, and an agency promotes its own vested interest.

Not yours.

(It lives on you. Makes a good living on your ignorance, and what’s more, keeps you in ignorance).
Therefore try to understand the nature of true faith and its accompanying true worship.

While true worship is one and the same for the entire human race.

That is why Jesus said, “you understand not what true worship is.” And he continued;

“God is a Spirit to be worshiped in Truth and Spirit.”

Since God is a Truth, It is ever-lasting.

God existed before creation and will exist after the world’s end.

That is why It is true and is the Truth.

Since this Truth has Consciousness, It is termed as God.

Since you have a human consciousness, God exists, as God’s Consciousness percolates as your human consciousness via the mind.

And this percolated human consciousness via the mind enables you to know specific things.

That is why your mind seems to be luminous and knows things.

Because, at this point, there is a double consciousness in operation.

Thus the knowingness of the mind is due to the ever-present God Consciousness.

Also, since the inert universe exists, an intelligence called God must exist.

If not, the presence of the universe cannot be accounted for.

As, such a remarkable and intelligible universe cannot be the outcome of the interplay of inert atoms and molecules.

Unless you choose to be so.

(In which case, your presence here cannot be accounted for, and perhaps this text may not be for you).

Then there are two things that you should know.

One is God the creator.

The other the God-Head.

God the creator is associated with the creation.

While the God-head transcends the universe.

The creation, creator, and the created individual is a package deal.

They transpire together in creation, and also disappear together on enlightenment.

Thereafter only the God-Head remains.

While in the world the term God is popularly used for both.

Its distinction is not known to most.

One is temporal, to take care of the universe and its residents.

The other is everlasting or permanent.

The purpose of life is to realise and experience the everlasting God-Head.

God the creator facilitates this process to transpire.

All prayers and worship is directed towards God the creator.

Understood as ISHWARA in the Hindu tradition.

While God awareness is maintained towards the God-Head for enlightenment to transpire.

That is why Buddhists are focussed towards NIRVANA.

But unfortunately, the people in the world do not know this distinction.

The nett result is worldwide ignorance on this matter.

While, in MEDITATION, all awareness is maintained towards the God-Head, in order to so experience It.

When done so, its end result is known as the state of enlightenment, Nirvana, or Moksha.

Therefore, faith in both is needful for enlightenment to transpire.

While religion has no place in It.

Religion is not the doorway to SALVATION, but God awareness is.

Therefore, be focussed on the God-Head, which is the state attained in enlightenment, Nirvana, or Moksha.

Thus, faith in God is only true faith.

That being the case, why are you getting your life messed up with religion.

It’s a messy affair.

As, God has no religion.

Thus, true faith is faith in God.

Hence, never ask a person what his faith is.

How can he answer such a question?

There are only four aspects with regard to belief in God:

1. A believer in God is a theist.

2. A non-believer in God is an atheist.

3. One who doubts it is a sceptic.

(4. The one who only believes the tangible, physical phenomena is an agnostic).

Then there is one who doesn’t care about it. He’s a genuine materialist. (“Eat, drink and be merry” is his working principle).

Then what about those who aspire for Nirvana as taught by Buddha.

The answer is, since they are making the RIGHT EFFORT, all is in GOOD ORDER.


Since they are making the right effort, whether they believe in God the creator or not, the GRACE OF GOD will be upon on them.

TRUE FAITH develops only in a good person.

Whether the person be literate, illiterate, a scholar, or even a rustic peasant, it matters not.

True faith in God and goodness go together.

Goodness and piety go hand-in-hand.

Goodness in being leads to this faith.

When one leads a good, noble and righteous life, then this Faith transpires in a person.

While religion is another affair altogether.

While wickedness is incompatible with true faith.

Anyone can belong to a religion.

Most, so belong at birth itself.

Most, remain in it.

Many leave it.

But a word of caution.

Don’t leave one cage and get into another.

For religion is a cage to encage you.

It is fatal.

It will take another lifetime to get out of the new cage.

In order to become free and unfold your way to enlightenment

Don’t leave one club and join another.

They are all the same.

Only the rules differ.

It is good to be in a kindergarten but NOT to be in it forever.

Then your growth gets stunted.

Grow up and flower into your God-Head.

You are a tender bud, yet unopened.

Open up with God awareness.

And bloom into a flower.

Once Buddha gave a sermon, as was his daily custom.

The assembled were eager to hear his sermon.

There was a flower beside him which was brought by someone.

He lifted the flower and showed it.

With that the sermon was over.

Only Mahakhasyap smiled.

For, he understood its significance.

For, the idea is, like a bud blooms into a flower, so too bloom into enlightenment.

And the recipe to so bloom into enlightenment is maintain God awareness.

The way to God-Awareness is to maintain Self-Awareness.

And the way to maintain Self-Awareness is to maintain Awareness.

As, God-Awareness = Self-Awareness = Awareness.

The three are stated differently. If you understand, well and good.

If not, try to.

I am not speaking of religion, but of Truth-Awareness.

I am the Truth, I am the way, and I am the life.

I-Awareness is the way.

The TRUTH which is the LIFE in me sustains me, gives life to me, and enables this I-Awareness to bloom into enlightenment.
The basis of this I-Awareness, is what is meant by Jesus as, I and my Father are one.

In the Hindu tradition it is stated as AHAM BRAHMASMI which means I am Brahman the Divine.

When I do so, I am “IN COMMUNION”.

I am in communion with God or with my God nature.

Because, God is centred in me.

Father in ME and I in the Father.

We are one. That is God and I are one.

That being so, I-Awareness is the WAY TO GOD WITHIN.

Understanding and living this process is TRUE FAITH and the true religion of mortal man to attain the immortal state experienced in Nirvana as enlightenment.

Enlightened to my reality as the God-Head.


Buddha rightly declared, ONLY A PROCESS transpired.

A PROCESS ended.

Therefore, there is nothing to be excited about.

It’s a grand relief to be out of the enigma of human existence, and be in Nirvana.

Nirvana Paramam Sukham. That is Nirvana is great bliss.

The final end to the grand DRAMA of life.

The curtain has come down, and you have left the stage to be in Nirvana.

Therefore, seek for the PATHLESS PATH leading to enlightenment.

Let not the prevalent religious garbage stand in the way, and block you from your true quest.

DO NOT EQUATE a religion with the original teachings of the scriptures.

Thus, DO NOT EQUATE Jesus’ teachings with the Church Doctrine or Christianity.

Also, do not equate what Krishna taught in the Bhagavad Gita with the current Hindu religion.

Also, do not equate what Buddha taught with the different brands of Buddhism.

Look towards the original source, and the wealth of mystic wisdom will unfold in your heart and mind.

The way to enlightenment is not based on a school of philosophy or a doctrine.

That is why Jesus never gave a doctrine or an adherence to one.

It is only a way of life or a way of living.

Buddha emphasised this living as a religion in his eight-fold path.

While Krishna made you first understand and then LIVE YOUR LIFE with ATMAN-Awareness.

ATMAN-Awareness is Self-Awareness is I-Awareness.



You will never find it.

Thus, I-Awareness is the way to enlightenment or Nirvana.

HOW TO MAINTAIN THIS “I-AWARENESS” will follow in subsequent teachings.

In the meanwhile read and re-read and try to comprehend and understand the significance of what was mentioned in the above teachings.