Teachings To Children

1. The purpose of life; to live life honourably, nobly and correctly with justice and goodness. This is DHARMA or righteous living.

2. Secondly to know and experience God. Then what is God? God is not a being. It is a Consciousness full of grace & love. When you have love, you too will be full of grace. Even though you do not see God, God exists, for He is the governor of the universe. Without him the world cannot exist, nor you.

This feeling will arise in you, when you are good and full of grace and do your duty.

God’s eyes are everywhere, He sees whatever you do. God’s ears are everywhere, He hears your cry’s and hears what you say.

God knows your mind and your heart. He knows what you think. He also knows what you feel and how you feel about him.

That is why He is God. God is your father, mother and friend. If you love him, He feels your love and is happy about it.

Then He too flows with love towards you. As you have opened your heart towards him. If not how can He enter into you.

As love or the flow of love, is a two-way street. As you flow into God, God too flows into you.
Then you and God become one. This is union with God or God-experience. The most wonderful and glorious experience in life. It is the experience of ever-lasting joy and happiness in life.

3. God means, attaining the state of perfection. That is why it is said, God is perfect.

4. Therefore to have this God-experience, you too should be perfect in all what you are and all what you do and be. That is, be a perfect individual, a perfect child.

5. To be a perfect individual should be your ideal in life. Never abuse, mistreat or be unkind to anyone in the world.

6. Then you are a success in life and in the living of life.

7. Then you shall and will have the grace of God.

8. For this to take place, you will have to be a good boy or a good girl, a good man, a good woman or a good child.

9. Do net be a beggar and beg to God.

10. God knows, what you need and what you do not need and will give you something or even nothing.

11. Whichever way learn to accept it.

12. You cannot bribe (bestechen) God by offerings to please him.

13. He is not subject to corruption and you cannot buy him. If he is then he is no God.

14. You can only please him, by being correct and good and doing your duty.

15. Neither is God pleased by your praises. Does God have a big ego that you have to flatter him. But you can sing hymns for joy.

16. Instead appreciate the glory of God. You too are a glory of God.

Appreciate the glory of God manifest in everything, in every being and in every creature.

17. For, you are a wondrous child of God.

18. Therefore you are awaiting to bloom, like your divine father and to be like him.

19. This is the supreme purpose of life.

20. And that is why you are born for this purpose.

21. Therefore living life is a God-making or God-becoming process.

22. It is a privilege given to you by God himself, to be like him.

23. This should be your primary aspiration in life. Everything else is secondary.

24. You can have a good house, a good wife or a good husband (if you are lucky), a good job and a good education.

25. But all this is nothing, compared to God. For, when you have God you will have everything.

26. But you will have to work for it. You have a lot of work to become God. That is why we said, God is a God-making process in man.


Thus your parents, teachers and God will be pleased with you by being a child of God.