The basis and the foundation of life and of spiritual living

It should be based on truth and the truth.

Unless I am the truth, I cannot know it or even experience it.

Thus Jesus said; “I am the truth

The four Gospels speak of this Truth and of its way.

The Upanishads declare Aham Brahmasmi; which means I am Brahman.

Ayam atma brahma which means I as the atman am Brahman.

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What is the Truth? Part 3

This is how the Intelligence has become manifest as the Universe.

So there is hope for recovery.

For Salvation, for Enlightenment.

To be Enlightened as the Intelligence.

Now we can define this Intelligence.

This Intelligence is both the material and intelligent cause of the Universe.

Let us now extend this definition.

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What Is The Truth? Part 4

Truth is that which eternally exists for all time.

It was, it is, & it shall be forever.

If not, it is temporary or temporal and would exist for some time, exhibit its temporal nature and then disappear.

It is not lasting.

Hence not true.

HENCE Truth is that which is everlasting.

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What Is The Truth? Part 5

Immanuel Kant the German philosopher came to a fascinating and momentous conclusion.

Seeing the Universe, he postulated, that for the seen Universe, there must be an unseen cause.

But he added that the unseen cause is unknowable.

Of course it is unknowable to the human mind.

The mind has to transcend itself to fathom it.

As the mind is an inbuilt mechanism to process the world.

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What Is The Nature Of This Absolute Reality? Part 1

But in order to understand this, let us first look into ourselves, our human state of existence.

What do we want?

Firstly we want to exist for ever.

This is a hearts longing.

Then we want to be perfect, self complete and whole in our existence.

When this transpires we would be happy and self-content, requiring nothing and wanting nothing.

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What Is The Nature Of This Absolute Reality? Part 2

Then the second component of your search or longing is also clear.

Since you have a human consciousness, you always want to know.

There is a vacuum there.

Since you do not know many things, there is always a natural tendency, “to know”.

Until you know, you cannot keep quiet.

However much you know, you still want “to know”.

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What Is The Nature Of This Absolute Reality? Part 3

Then the third component of your human existence is, you are constantly looking for joy and happiness in life.

This is an integral part of your human existence, to seek for this joy of being.

But joy comes and goes.

You want this joy to be constant and permanent.

Thus the third component of your longing in your human existence, is that you want “PERRENIAL JOY”.

This fact was revealed by Jesus in the episode of the Jacob’s well with the Samaritan woman.

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Absolute Reality Part 1

Therefore, having understood the nature and the longing of our human existence, we are in a

position to understand and, comprehend the nature of this Absolute Reality.

The Hindu scriptures declare this and define it,


SAT means Absolute Existence.

CHIT means Absolute Knowledge.

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