Gospel of Matthew – A Mystical Explanation

Himalayan Hermit monk Swami Yogeshwarananda gives a fresh mystical
perspective to the sublime mystical teachings of Jesus which reveal the
way to man’s salvation/enlightenment. The teachings are opened out in
conjunction with Meister Eckhart’s sermons which hold the key to the
understanding of the Bible. The entire Gospel of Matthew is mystically
interpreted line by line for both Christian and non-Christian readers to
come to grips with Jesus and his teachings.

The New Testament is self-complete in its teaching for man’s redemption,
and its gist is outlined beautifully by Jesus in the Beatitudes, which
is the Sermon on the Mount.

Furthermore the Spirit of God has power over nature and man’s nature.
That is the purpose of the miracles attributed to Jesus therein.

The PARABLES are sequential in their teachings and have an educational

The transfiguration of Christ is a fate which awaits every man.

The WAY to be converted into the image of Christ.

Be PERFECT, to be in the like image of your Father, who is perfect, and
is of perfected existence.

That is what God is.

The significance of the sacred act of marriage: it is a Holy union.

Salvation is not offered on a platter. One has to toil for it.

God is a God not of the dead, but of the living. For no one ever dies,
implying rebirth or reincarnation of the souls.

The two great commandments, the observance of which would lead man to
the God state.

Faith in the omnipresence of God is only true FAITH.

There is a hell and a heaven, but salvation is beyond the two, which
Paul calls as the third heaven.

Therefore to attain it, cleanse the inner cup of the heart and mind, and
drink from the goblet (inner cup) to attain the immortal existence
contained in God-being.

The essence of the Gospels is “God-being”, which is “I am That”.

The parable of the ten virgins indeed signifies that one must become a
virgin soul (pure soul) and keep WATCH for the descent of the Christ
Consciousness to dawn within, for the Divine experience to transpire

And the practical way to do so is elaborately explained by Jesus in the
“Beatitudes” (Sermon on the Mount).

And finally when one lives by the New Testament and digests and lives by
the teachings of Jesus, which is allegorically mentioned as the blood of
Christ, the remission of sins will automatically transpire.

Furthermore, the last supper of Jesus with his twelve disciples
symbolically indicates the first of many such suppers to be partaken
individually by the human race.

And finally the MYSTIC significance of why the Earth trembled and the
veil in the temple rent asunder on Jesus’ crucifixion.

To all of the above, a fresh mystical explanation is given in the 33
sermons for the spiritual education of mankind, irrespective of its
religious affiliations. It is meant for the religious Christian, to the
non-religious Christian and to the non-Christians of other traditions
who are seeking for the WAY TO GOD and to attain the God-state
ever-present within man.

Furthermore, the wisdom of Jesus’ teachings indicate that he was a
Messiah, and only a Messiah could have given such a profound teaching,
which is the cream of the Eastern mystic wisdom.

For, God’s message to man is one and the same for the entire human race.

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