What Is A Scripture?

A scripture is the WORD of God.

It was declared unto man for man’s salvation.

By the authoritative word of God, transmitted VIA an AVATAR, a MESSIAH.

Or directly imparted as mystic revelations to wise sages-RISHIS, in years gone by.

It contains the fundamental truths of life, and also truths of living a spiritual life.

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What Is A Scripture? Part 2


That is, it reveals to you, WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW.

There are seven things that you do not know, but should know.

Until you acquire this knowledge and understanding your spiritual education is incomplete.

When you acquire this knowledge, you will be able to live your life with the acquired wisdom.

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What Is A Scripture? Part 4

Then the third aspect of this revelation is;

It reveals and informs you of the true nature and the status of the universe.

When you understand and appreciate its true status and nature then accordingly one will be able to take a corresponding standpoint with reference to it.

Buddha in his teachings emphasised and made special reference to this standpoint.

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What Is A Scripture? Part 7

Then the seventh aspect of this revelation is, God reveals the “WAY” back to your Divine status as the immortal ATMAN of blissful existence.

This gets experienced in NIRVANA, and is called experiencing the Godly state within.

It is also called the state of TAO in the far eastern tradition.

It is like getting back home.

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Who Is An Avatar?

When GOD the CREATOR takes a human form, and lives a human life in order to impart a teaching to mankind, HE is called an AVATAR or a MESSIAH.

It is a straight descent of God as man.

It is a one-time act.

Mortal man reincarnates from birth to birth, for many lifetimes.

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The Mission Of An Avatar

The Avatar though in human form knows full well that he came from God to fulfil, and accomplish a mission.

This TRUTH had been so prophesised earlier, by the great prophets, both in the Hindu and Jewish traditions.

Jesus makes reference to this in the gospel of Luke (4.16).

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