Spread the Word

In the beginning was the word. The word was with God and the word was God (John 1.1) and the word will make you God.
When you HEAR the word from God, IT will make you God.
Therefore, POSITION yourself to so receive the word. That means be in a potentially receptive state of total attention.

A word has a strange capacity.
It makes you know something, which you did not know, or do not know.
The WORD has a power.
It makes the unknown, known to you.
The unknown is God.
It makes it known to you.
Only God can do this to you.
As HE knows himself, HE can impart this knowingness to you.
This process can also be done, by one, who is one with his God-nature.
But, once again to so receive the WORD, you will have to position yourself, that means be in a potential receptive state of total attention.
When the flint is ready, it will be sparked by God with the WORD. That means if you are fit and receptive you will be sparked by God with the WORD to ENLIGHTENMENT, enlightened to your God-Nature.
You are fast asleep, and you have to be woken.
A sleeping man wakes up, on hearing his name.
So too God wakes you up, from deep slumber, and awakens you to your true status.
He thus awakes you with the WORD.

Hence or thus the Bible states in the Gospel of John, “THE WORD WAS GOD”.
The ‘WORD’ has the POTENTIAL to make you God, or make you realize that you are God, when so uttered by God.
Because HE and the WORD are synonymous and inseparably one.
Thus the WORD is God, and represents God.
It is coeval with God. With the WORD God makes you God.
God SPEAKS and man HEARS, to so become God.

But to HEAR one must be silent.
Only in silence can you hear the mysterious spoken word emanating from God.

You HEAR, because you want to HEAR with all your heart and being.
For this, your mind and your whole being must be totally silent.

You must become silent to the life-phenomena flowing around you.
Become silent to the happenings of the world around you.
You have more important things to engage your mind with.
In short, become engaged to God, with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your being.
Thus will you become attentive to hear the spoken word emanating from God.
This is your mission in life. Not to go on a religious mission or not to belong to a mission.
It is the main purpose or the final thrust, of your human existence to know that ‘I AM GOD – BLESSED STATE OF EXISTENCE’.
This is why you are living.
You came from God, had a brief sojourn on planet Earth, and now you want to return back to your ORIGINAL BLESSED STATE from where you came only to return back home.

For this to transpire you must be at peace, undisturbed by your feelings, emotions, sentiments, and mechanical thought patterns.

But in order to be at peace, you will have to be ‘PEACE MAKERS’ and make peace with yourself.
That is, you will have to be at peace, with yourself, with the society around you, and also with the world.
Peace with yourself means, to make peace with your feelings, emotions of all order like anger, hatred, illwill, loves and hates, likes and dislikes and fears and anxieties.
That is to clear them off your system.
That is to clear all discords out of your human nature.
This and this alone will enable you to be at peace with yourself.
Then only you can hear the spoken word which will make you God when all the above disturbance has subsided.

That is why Jesus stated “YOU ARE GODS” (John 10.34)
But mortal man, because of his inward spiritual poverty is unable to accept this profound truth.
Also, because of his spiritual poverty, he is unable to ‘POSITION’ himself, that means to be in a potentially receptive state of total attention, to so receive the WORD from God.

Therefore St. Paul told Timothy ‘spread the word’, spread this great truth.
So that the good people can position themselves to so receive the spoken word from God by abiding in this awaiting state. Psalm 130.6: “My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning, more than watchmen for the morning.“ In order to so receive the word, the NUNS of yore kept vigil in the dead of night, when all is silent.
Thus, they opened themselves to God, and to the word of God.