On Dharma – Righteous Living

God is pleased with you when you do the right thing.

How could He be pleased with you when you do the wrong thing, by doing wrong to others and being unkind and wicked in your acts and disposition.

Hence only by REPENTENCE and ACTS of forgiveness and reconciliation, could you be reconciled with God and earn your FAVOUR with Him.

Thus He confers His Mercy upon thee and absolves you of your SINS.

Hence as an initial act, fervently REPENT for your sins and wrong doings and perform ACTS of MERCY for your retribution.

This PROCESS OF YOURS, is what is meant by ‘BAPTISM WITH WATER’ as stated by Jesus.

This act is the fore-runner for your subsequent GOOD LIFE to be lived with VIRTUE, GOODNESS and NOBILITY.

It should be noted that you CANNOT BUY HIS FAVOUR with inducements of CASH and KIND and indulgencies.

Is God so cheap? To favour you with your bribery.

Don’t be a damn fool to think so.

It’s when you are noble, correct and righteous and just in all what you are, and in all what you do that God is pleased.

Thus, when you are righteous, you JUSTIFY yourself in the eyes of God.

This sense of righteousness found in you is the living of DHARMA and the life of Dharma.

This sense of righteousness, inspires you to have FAITH in God.

Faith in God induces piety and reverence and enables you to live a life of reverence.

This reverential way of living makes you truly religious.

Thus do you JUSTIFY yourself in the eyes of God and JUSTIFICATION transpires in you, as you are now full of VIRTUE, acquired by a life of DHARMA.

Dharma means, a virtuous and noble life dutifully lived.

This DHARMA is one and the same for the entire human race.

Thus do you acquire ‘MERIT’, to merit the GRACE OF GOD.

It is only when you do not understand this, that you get trapped into a religion or a religious club.

After that you become unfriendly with all else.

Now where as your religion disappeared.

You have now become a member of a cult or a society alienated from the rest of mankind and also what’s more from God.

That’s what a ‘society’ is; hostile and unfriendly to all else who do not belong to it.

Thus never belong to a religion, or a religious club.

It is fatal to your spiritual life.

You were designed to be in communion with God and never so with a religious club.

As clubs are mutually unfriendly and hostile with each other and have rivalry with each other and want you to promote the membership of the religious club by means fair and foul with an inbuilt power structure to further its unholy intentions of expansion and domination.

They all alienate you from God and align you with their clubs or religions.