What Is The Source Of All Traditions?

People speak of tradition.

To what tradition do you belong to or come from, is an oft quoted question?

There is only one tradition, that which has come from God.

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God Is Your Guru

God is the guru and the unfailing guide for each and every one.

This fact is more so, for each and every one on the spiritual path leading to Salvation or Enlightenment.

The more you yearn for Him with all your heart, the more He draws you towards Him like a magnet.

The GRACE of God is the field which draws you inexorably towards Him.

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Thanks-giving Acknowledgement Of A Holy Man Towards God

I will conclude the section on ‘GOD IS YOUR GURU’, with a wonderful story of a holy man who acknowledged the ‘GRACE OF GOD’.

Swami Tapovanam was a monk (SWAMI) par-excellence.

He had no disciples, but had many students who came to him to study the scriptures.

As he was a good scholar of the scriptures and as a matter of duty, he taught his fellow junior monks resident in the area, the scriptures on a systematic basis.

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He who removes the DARKNESS in you is a GURU.

But in order to do so, you should first enter the ‘darkness’ within you.

What is this darkness!?? Or realm of darkness.

GURU means GUKARO RUKARO (GU + RU), which means the one who removes the darkness. GU means darkness RU means remover.

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What Is An Ashram

An ASHRAM is an abode of ACTIVE REST from the turmoils and labours of life.

It means, where there is no worldly effort.


But there is a spiritual effort.

The effort to abide, where God is present.

God is present within man and also present in the universe. It empowers both.

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