You are the living child of God.

God is the God of the living, and not of the dead.

Therefore BE ALIVE.


BE Alive to life, in whatever form it unfolds.

For, YOU MANIFEST THE GLORY OF GOD in your existence.

For, just as the human parents are happy in the glory of their children, so too is the case with God, who glories in His children.

God LOVES YOU AND CARES FOR YOUR WELFARE, not in your way, but in HIS WAY.

And never forget this TRUTH.

In one lifetime He gives you riches.

In another lifetime He gives you very little.

In another a mixed bag.

All for your learning and growth experience.

You have come here to learn your lessons and grow in wisdom and finally know the ever-present Divine within you.

To do so, first learn to love yourself and everybody and everything in the Universe.

Just as you love and care for your body, so too also the Universe is the mystical body of God, vibrant with life.

Its living nature, vibrant with life, nourishes one and all.

That is why, you too are a living principle vibrant with life.

Therefore be vibrant with love and joy.

Lovingly live life, and all will be well with you.

Just be good, don’t be bad and wicked.

To be bad, wicked and unkind is the way of the wicked.

The wicked cause misery.

The good, all round happiness.

Therefore be happy with one and all.

And you will live a beautiful life with love in your heart, permeating the whole Universe.

You are thus in God’s kingdom.

And the way to enter God’s kingdom is through LOVE.

And LOVE is the very essence of your being.

Why not unfold it.

That is why, you are born, to grow in LOVE, just as a plant grows with tender care and blooms into a beautiful flower.

So why not you too bloom as a beautiful being and flower into Nirvana, which is the essence of your true being or existence.

For, if Nirvana was not your true existence, you cannot experience it.

Since it is, you can, but the entry is VIA LOVE.

That is why, it is said GOD IS LOVE.

LOVE YOU MUST, TO BE IN GOD. Which is your true status.

For, you are the centre of YOUR Universe.

The Universe RADIATES from you.

If you have love, it radiates with love.

If you have hatred, it radiates with hatred.

That is why, when you ‘fall in love’, you find yourself buoyant, filled with happiness and the world is beautiful.

Hence why not open your heart to the goodness of life ever-present all around you.

Thus will you find happiness and joy flowing all around you.

Thus, it is the heart, and not the mind, which is the DOORWAY TO GOD’s BEING or BEINGNESS.

Mind is only a tool to operate in the world.

Because of an ACTIVE MIND, you are in the world.

When the mind quietens, the world will subside in you.

In TRUE PRAYERS with a settled mind, you silently become aware of the inherent Divine Principle inherent everywhere.

And this process is done by the FEELING HEART.

The HEART KNOWS and the MIND translates its feeling into language.

Where your heart is, there will be your mind too.

When your heart is in God, there will be your mind too.

If your heart is in the world, so will your mind be and operate.

Thus, when you have LOVE IN YOUR HEART, your mind too will operate not with, or never with wickedness, but with love, lovingly for the good of one and all. And for your own good too.