Mind and the State of No Mind ebook

“In the silence of the mind, the Truth is discerned. Hence, it is a Folly to seek for the Truth outside the mind. Nirvana is in the mind – so is samsara. That is the magic: enlightenment is in the mind so is the world.”

Swami Yogeshwarananda Giri

This short booklet is a transcribe of a talk given by Swami Yogeshwarananda Giri on “Mind and the State of No-mind”, this short treatise is full of meaning, due to the skilful way in which Swamiji manages to fill every sentence and paragraph with meaning, and a wealth of spiritual wisdom, while at the same time making things easy to comprehend and digest.

When the mind attains to a state of no-mind, it leads to a STATE OF NO MIND, it’s all in the mind. When you are with the mind, you are in creation (samsara). In its absence, you attain to NIRVANA.

Hence the ACTIVE practice of no-mind would lead to the NO MIND state, the mind is the only tool you have. Hence use the mind to be in a no-mind state.
It is a desert like state of the mind, wherein no phenomena is present. It is a state of mind empty of its contents. Only non-dual pure awareness remains. Maintain this at all times.