On The One God

All the religions of the world speak of only one God. That is ADWAITA or Non-dual existence.

What is this Non-dual awareness?

It is an existence wherein God alone is.

God is free of everything and exists in the fullness and glory of being and existence.

One cannot postulate or imagine what it is.

The only way to know God is to be God.

There is no other way.

God is also not a person or an object.

Thus, true religion is a training to be God, so that we can know God.

That is why we are here.

To be trained in this God-becoming process.

Thus, the awareness of this one God is said to be NON-DUAL AWARENESS corresponding to the non-dual awareness of God.

This Awareness is only said to be non-duality or Adwaita.

Whereas, the worship of many gods is said to be duality or multiplicity or PAGANISM.

In paganism one worships various or multiple gods, all distant from one’s own self, and also distant and DIFFERENT from the ONE GOD.

There is only ONE GOD in the 1st initial PREMISS.

Then the 2nd PREMISS is GOD ALONE IS.

Then what about the universe with all its beings.

The universe is a shadowy myth, which came out of God, subsists in God’s being, and then relapses into its God-source.

It derives its sap and essence in God’s being.

Thereby God’s-being is replicated in each cell and in each organism in varying degrees and proportions.

In man, it has arrived at its Divine potential.

The potential to manifest its Divine nature or content and to become the Divine itself.

For this to transpire, man must become aware of his Divine potential.

That, I too am God, which is NON-DUAL EXISTENCE.

This is my true inherent status. This truth was also declared by Jesus when he said “you are gods”.

Therefore I must become aware and affirm this declaration.

This is the final and the ultimate purpose of my human existence.

To become God; Life is a God-making process.

For which the living of life is an exercise.

Thus, this awareness is said to be NON-DUAL AWARENESS or ADWAITA wherein the perception of duality is not present.

Adwaita is not a doctrine to be fooled about with.

God is not a doctrine for scholastic disputation, but a reality to be lived and experienced.

When one lives this NON-DUAL Awareness, then only one is said to be an ADVAITIN.

Then all pagan worship of multiple gods collapses.

Your body is the temple of God, which is the holy city of 9 gates.

Your mind is the sanctum sanctorum wherein the enshrined Supreme Deity is to be perceived and experienced.

For, that is the only tool, you have been presented with.

Enter the inner chamber and BE AWARE.




This alone will do the trick. For it is the essence of religion.

For this, gather your 12 disciples and have them focussed within, where your Divine treasure lies.

For, your disciples follow you.

Hence gather your 12 disciples and train them to abide in the SUPREME DEITY lodged invisibly within you.

When you do so, you become the GURU leading the disciples to their desired destination, which is your GOD-NATURE.

Hence gather your wits and abide and be, where you should, for your own redemption.

Only you can do this. Not others however holy they be.

It is you who will have to enter the HOLY CITY of nine gates with your twelve disciples.

That is why to demonstrate this profound truth, Jesus entered the holy city of Jerusalem with his twelve disciples, not with pomp and glory, but in a humble way seated on a donkey.

Thus was he greeted by the people, who symbolically represented the angels when you enter the doors of Heaven.