God Is Your Guru, Part Two

God will speak to you.



Because He brought you into the world, and therefore he will have to take you back from the world, into His Kingdom.

WHEN! When you are ready and prepared.

Your current life is the preparation.

He is preparing you in His way, not in your way, for your soul-growth.

For, in your ignorance, you know not how to prepare yourself in order to enter the inner kingdom of heaven.

For you are still a babe, struggling with your life.

Thereby you need Divine Guidance and Divine Protection from your wayward human impulses.

For this process, He has initially provided you with a mother and a father.

Of course they are both imperfect like you, struggling with their own lives and life impulses.

Nevertheless, they are trying to do a good job in parenting you, and sometimes not too.

It’s all in your luck.

It’s lucky to have good parents.

Sometimes it’s lucky to have bad parents too.

Either way you learn your lessons in life.

Sometimes in this process you may have rich parents who pamper to all your whims and fancies and thereby spoil you.

And sometimes you may have wise parents who may discipline, and make a man out of you.

So it’s all in your good luck or bad luck.

But remember, God is wise in His ways.

Neither you, nor your parents, nor society around you have the requisite wisdom.

Hence have the good grace to accept yourself and your parents too.

For, you are the beautiful child of God.

Therefore, God always loves you.

Thus, you are the PRODIGAL SON lost in the world.

You have to get back to your Fathers Mansion.

From where you have strayed.

You are the lost sheep.

Finding ever new pastures.

God is your GOOD SHEPHERD.

The Good Shepherd always tends to his flock.

Lest they stray away.

Even when a sheep strays away from His flock the Good Shepherd goes after it.

When He finds it, He is so glad.

So too God is glad, when He finds you longing to enter His sheep-fold.

Then He leads you to the GATE, and via the GATE, enables you to enter the inner Kingdom of God.

Remember, narrow is the GATE to exit the universe and enter the inner Kingdom of God.

Very few find it.

Thus His waterful eyes are always upon you,

His waterful eyes and helping hand is ever present everywhere.

He comes to you, when in need.

This is so, whether you know it or not.

Thus God is your true Father, Mother and Grandfather all through your life.


Have FAITH in God. Not in religion.

For, religion cannot do anything for you.

Religion is a man-made fabrication, invented by the priests for their priestly glory. Not God’s.

When you become godly, God is gloried in you and you glory in the glory of God.

For, you are now the IMAGE OF GOD.

Hence be always in God’s image and you shall be and become the Son of God.

For that is what you really are.