The Wholistic View of Life ebook

The Eternal, All-pervasive, Subtle, and the Immortal (Principle), the cause of beings, is perceived everywhere by the wise.

Mundaka Upanishad

This short booklet of 26 pages is a transcribe of a talk given by Swami Yogeshwarananda Giri on “The Wholistic View of Life”, in it Swamiji presents a clearly detailed understanding of the Transcendental Reality which is the essence of each and every one of us, and points out the way for us to return to this Wholeness by remaining in a non-dual state of Awareness.

The reality is WHOLE, one and partless. It is homogenous, non-fragmented and uniform in its nature of existence or beingness.

Therefore, in order to perceive it, one must be similarly so. That is, one must maintain an awareness which is unsullied by its contents.

Viewing the reality, with this pure awareness, is viewing the whole, which would lead to its eventual experience. The science of this process, the HOW and the WHY is briefly explained in this short treatise.