Swami Yogeshwarananda Giri European Tour 2018

Greece, Athens

Thursday, May 17th
Upanishadic wisdom

Friday, May 18th
The mystical teachings of Jesus as contained in the Four Gospels

Sunday, May 20th
The mystical teaching of the “Sermon on the Mount” (contains the spiritual & ethical foundation on the living of life)

Wednesday, May 23rd
How to manifest the divine within

Thursday, May 24th
How to live in the world & attain Enlightenment

Saturday, May 26th
A Seminar on Meditation

Sunday, May 27th
The seven-fold powers of inward healing

Tuesday, May 29th
The mystical teachings of Meister Eckhart

Question and answer session after teachings.
Free entrance, donations are welcome.
For anyone traveling to Athens, please book your arrangements as soon as possible to assure availability.

Venue: ATMA Sphere
Havriou 9 & Praxitelos 9,
Athens 10562
4th floor, Room 8
Call 6972634470 for more information.


Basel, Sunday, 3rd June
Title: Mystical understanding of the gospels
Costs: CHF 30.
Adress: Bildungszentrum 21,  Missionsstr. 21, CH-4003 Basel
Website for the talk…

Bern, 9-10th June
Saturday 10am until Sunday 5pm
Costs: CHF 300 (accommodation and food included)
Adress: Bio Schwand AG, Bioschwand 3, CH-3110 Münsingen

Website for the Seminar

Basel, 16-18th June
Saturday 9.30am until Sunday 5pm
Title: The mystical teachings of Jesus
Costs: CHF 250 (without accommodation and food)
Adress: Benedictine monastery of Mariastein,  Klosterplatz 2, CH-4115 Mariastein


Website of the monastery…
Website for the seminar…


Venue: Leeds Theosophical Society, 12 Queens Square, Leeds LS2 8AJ
Free Entrance.
Venue website…

A series of 3 free talks: Living a Spiritual Life Leading to Enlightenment
Like the three strands of an interwoven rope so too, the way to Enlightenment is woven with knowledge, love and works.

Sunday 1st July
2:30 pm
Living a Spiritual Life Leading to Enlightenment, Part 1
The First Lecture will look at what is this needful knowledge awareness which enables and facilitates enlightenment to transpire in oneself.

Wednesday 4th July
7:30 pm
Living a Spiritual Life Leading to Enlightenment, Part 2
The Second Lecture will look at the mystical secret of works to be performed on the mystical body of god. How it sanctifies and empowers one to be with god. Thus the outer kingdom of god, facilitates the inner kingdom of god to transpire. The inner kingdom of heaven is based on the outer.

Sunday 8th July
2:30 pm
Living a Spiritual Life Leading to Enlightenment, Part 3
The Third Lecture will look at THE SECRET OF LOVE, which is the centre of existence, it is the doorway to BLESSEDNESS.

Wednesday 18th July
Donation £3
The mystery of meditation and meditative living

Venue: Northampton Theosophical Society
Friends Meeting House, Wellington Street, Northampton NN1 3AS

For more details on the above talks, contact us here…