Events 2019

Swami Yogeshwarananda Giri 14-day Spiritual Retreat Programme on:

  1. A mystical study of the Gospel of Matthew (28 lessons)
  2. A mystical study of Chapter 5 of the Bhagavad Gita (7 lessons) and a mystical study of the Upanishads (7 lessons) – The Science of the Atman.
  3. The mystical mystery on the practice of meditation.

Bandarawela, in the mountains of Sri Lanka

16th – 29th June 2019

Schedule for Retreat:

0630 – 0730: Meditation
0730 – 0900: Breakfast
0900 – 1030: Gospel study
1030 – 1130: Break
1130 – 1300: Bhagavad Gita/Upanishad study
1300 – 1400: Lunch
1400 – 1600: Rest for Swami, mental rest for others
1600 – 1730: Gospel study
1730 – 1845: Break
1845 – 1945: Meditation
1945 – 2100: Dinner

Details of Retreat

The study is focussed on comprehending the way to enlightenment, and is not academic.

The seminar and teachings are free.

Accommodation cost is 230 Euros including meals for 15-nights at the Retreat Centre and an advance payment is required on confirming booking.

Limited spaces are available so contact as soon as possible to guarantee a place.

Please confirm attendance before 1st May 2019.

Please send a message here via the contact form to confirm attendance or request further information.

Gospel Study

The Gospels is a book of wisdom. A mystical interpretation of the complete Gospel of Matthew will be studied during the 14-day spiritual retreat consisting of 28 lessons. The Gospels when well understood and lived would lead one to enlightenment. They reveal the spiritual way to experience God within.

The “Sermon on the Mount”, which is a brief section in the Gospel of Matthew, self-complete in itself, will be elaborately examined.

What do the following three terms mean?

  1. Baptism with water
  2. Repent: the Greek word Metanoia
  3. Baptism with the Spirit

The mystic sense of crucifixion, resurrection and ascension will also be explored. The sense and the meaning of the parables, with its spiritual education, will be discussed. Also, the Truth Statements of Jesus will be explored for its true sense.

Who was Jesus? Was he a messiah? If so, what is a messiah?

The mystery and significance of his birth and death will be explored.

Miracles – true or false?

The following concepts will be explained:

  1. Baptism with water
  2. Repentance (Metanoia) – its true sense
  3. Baptism with Spirit

    1. Crucifixion
    2. Resurrection
    3. Ascension
      what do they really mean? This will be opened out in its true sense
  4. Trinity – what is it?
  5. Who are the 12 disciples, what do they signify, where did they assemble and why?
  6. Justification
  7. Sanctification
  8. The concept of GRACE

When Jesus’ teachings are taken literally, they miss the whole point.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 5 Study

  1. The two ways of living a spiritual life.
  2. The state of Brahman or Non-dual Awareness.
  3. The mystical art of experiencing life.
  4. How to perform non-binding action/karma yoga.
  5. Zen in action.
  6. How to overcome creation and get tripped into nirvana momentarily.

Upanishad Study

The science of the Atman will be presented in the course of 7 talks. Atman is your Divine Nature.


  1. In meditation the practice of Non-dual Awareness will be maintained.
  2. Ana pana sati” will be practiced.
  3. The mind will be trained to repose in the Atman.
  4. Some techniques to repose in the Atman will be practiced.

For more details on the above talks, contact us here…