He who removes the DARKNESS in you is a GURU.

But in order to do so, you should first enter the ‘darkness’ within you.

What is this darkness!?? Or realm of darkness.

GURU means GUKARO RUKARO (GU + RU), which means the one who removes the darkness. GU means darkness RU means remover.

Thus there is a mysterious darkness ever-present within you.

You must know what it is and thereafter enter it.

The Guru, perhaps may teach what this darkness is and how to so enter, so that he can do his job.

But such Gurus who can dispel this darkness are far and few in the world.

If you want such a Guru, then you should also be equally a deserving candidate. That is a spiritually competent disciple.

Then only a rapport or an accord can be struck between the two.

The matchstick requires a box of matches, flint to be struck and ignited.

Similarly here too, between the disciple and the Guru.

The disciple is the SPIRITUALLY COATED or PREPARED disciple like the coated matchstick.

The Guru, who triggers the mechanism and ignites the fire to dispel the darkness within.

wonder is a Guru.
wonder is a disciple.
wondrous is such an interaction.

For, rare indeed is a true Guru.

Rare indeed is a disciple bordering on holiness receiving the holy wisdom.

For their interaction is a rare phenomenon.

A true Guru is a rare phenomenon.

He is holy, wise and is in tune with his God-nature.

He has no wants, no desires and is free of his human ego-nature.

He neither promotes himself, nor an institution.

Neither does he found an ashram and collect a bunch of disciples.

As he is holy, he will only have or may have a few potentially holy disciples. Or even none at all.

As the Guru, so the disciple, as the saying goes.

Therefore one can discern the Guru by the disciple.

And the disciple too by the Guru.

They mutually reveal each other in their respective nature.

For, a holy-man will not permit undesirable characters to be around him.

Nor can they be around him too, because of their SINFUL nature.

Their sinful nature keeps them at bay from gaining close access to the holy ones.

Neither can you tell them what to do and what not to do.

It is like telling God what to do.

For, the holy ones are in tune with their God-nature and accordingly function so.

That is why, Jesus declares ‘I can do nothing on my own, unless it is so willed by my Father’.

So the wisdom of God is paramount in all matters.

On whatever level you are, on that level will you gravitate and find your, so called Guru.

For, then only you and such gurus will find an accord and have a dialogue.

If you are roguish, you will find a roguish guru.

If you are worldly, you will find a worldly guru.

If you are tricky and deceptive, you will correspondingly find a similar guru, who is deceptive and tricky.

Like attracts like is the norm of life.

Therefore BEWARE.

Then if you are truly spiritual and are longing for ENLIGHTENMENT, MOKSHA, that is NIRVANA, then the UNIVERSE will bring you into the proximity and presence of a noble soul, who will guide you towards your aspiration.

But to acquire this, you should be righteous and correct in all what you are.

By this you merit the good which will unfold in the due course of your life.

Furthermore, the truth of the matter is, you will never find the truly holy ones in the established ashrams and institutions in the whole of India.

What you will get there are BUSINESS GURUS, who are sanctimonious, that is hypocritically pious in character.

For, Guru-business, or to be a guru is a flourishing trade in India.

They all have a good machinery around them to promote their trade.

Then what about all the Gurus in circulation in India?

They are a bunch of JOKERS.

Each with a special capacity acquired by TANTRIC and BLACK MAGICAL practices to capture potential victims who are in search of a Guru or a so called Guru.

They are adept in SORCERY and its inter-related practices to capture your attention and interest.

Some have also acquired PSYCHIC POWERS.

A PSYCHIC POWER is power over MATTER and thus not over the SPIRIT or spiritual.

Power of the SPIRIT is GODLY.

While psychic power is MAYA SAKTHI, which is the deluding power of MAYA which arrests your attention with its magical display.

We see this in display in the wide world by its exponents, looking for name, fame and adulation.

As the demand, so is the supply.

Hence, don’t be a gullible victim.

STOP looking for gurus.

Instead, spiritually prepare and organise yourself with the available knowledge and wisdom you are endowed with.

Thus SEARCH for the WAY, towards enlightenment and you will find it.

The WAY will gradually unfold.

For this READ and STUDY the scriptures for guidelines.

That is why Jesus said “SEEK AND YOU WILL FIND”.

Seek the WAY and you will find it.

Obtain the good teachings from NOBLE and GOOD teachers.

Then live the teachings.

All good teachings came from God.

God is the source for all good teachings.

There is ONLY one tradition, the tradition which came from God.

Hence don’t ask the silly question ‘to which tradition do you belong to’.

The question itself implies, that there are many traditions, each distinct and different from each other.

How can it be so?

Truth is one and the WAY is one for the entire human race.

As human nature is one, its aspirations and its co-related human problems and issues the same.

But, so called Gurus want to either market themselves or their wares.

That is why they speak of different so called traditions.

Holy ones never presented a tradition, nor spoke of a tradition or even for a tradition.

They simply CORROBERATED the teachings presented by God.

YES, these teachings were PRESENTED to man, for his Salvation on Earth, from earthly existence.

Hence, they are GOD’S PRESENT to man.


Hence SEEK THEM. Seek the good teachings.

They are your INHERITANCE.

All the good teachings are contained in the scriptures of the world.


Only when you live by them will you become a competent disciple, if not you will end up as an empty scholar.

That is why Jesus said, those who live by my teachings are my disciples.

For, GOD is your final GURU.

The GURU who will remove the DARKNESS within you.

At that time, you will be woken up from your deep slumber.

That is why I said, you will have to enter the mysterious darkness, in order to be so woken up to the REALITY of all life. And this is done by a TRUE GURU, or the GURU of GURUS, namely God.

And thus is ENLIGHTENMENT made possible by GRACE.