God Is Your Guru

God is the guru and the unfailing guide for each and every one.

This fact is more so, for each and every one on the spiritual path leading to Salvation or Enlightenment.

The more you yearn for Him with all your heart, the more He draws you towards Him like a magnet.

The GRACE of God is the field which draws you inexorably towards Him.

This is what is referred to as ‘SALVATION BY GRACE’.

Grace comes to you, even when you do not deserve it.

Thus, even more so, when you deserve it.

GODS WISDOM leads your life.

That is why, He is your guide.

He automatically knows what is best for you at what time of your life and journey of life.

Thus He provides the situation and opens out the avenue for your spiritual growth.

This happens from the moment you are born, until you attain Enlightenment.

Enlightenment means your God source.

You came from God and eventually after a brief sojourn in the universe, you will return back to your God source from where you emanated via the COSMIC WOMB.

This fact or situation is mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita (Ch XIV verse 3-4) wherein it states, via the cosmic womb, the Father, fathered all beings to emanate in the universe.

That is why, very appropriately and correctly the word FATHER has been used in the Bible for God. And the Bhagavad Gita uses it in CH XIV.4.

The FATHER who fathered the universe with all its beings.

Therefore it is the Father who will spiritually take care of your spiritual wellbeing.

In the Bhagavad Gita (CH IX Verse 21) He alludes to this fact.

In the verse, He states “YOGA SHEMAM VAHAMAHAM”.

That is, “I take care of your spiritual needs and of your spiritual protection too.”

How? And in what manner.

By providing you with the right appropriate environment and back-ups for your spiritual soul growth.

And also by guiding you towards good, wise and holy teachers who can show you the WAY towards enlightenment.

But it is you, who will have to live the WAY.

Thus by living the way, you will receive the benediction and grace of God on your onward journey towards Salvation.

Principally this ‘GRACE’, will transpire primarily during three times or phases of your earthly existence.

Firstly when you are ‘BAPTISED WITH WATER’.

Secondly when you are ‘BAPTISED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT’.

And thirdly, when you ‘HEAR THE WORD FROM GOD’. That is God will speak to you.

Each of the above will bring about a profound transformation within you.

This GRACE transcends all religious afflictions and is equally applicable to every member of the human race.

The Gita speaks of the first.

The Upanishads mention explicitly the second.

While JESUS mentions all three in the Gospels.

When the first happens, thereafter you become a PUNYA ATMA- a meritorious being.

When the second happens, a total regeneration and overhauling of self-nature transpires.

Now you are born again; that is said to be a ‘TWICE BORN’.

When JESUS mentioned this (Gospel of John 3:3-5), the populace around could not comprehend this statement.

They said, how could a man be born again?

And Jesus said, “That which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.”

The descent of the Holy Spirit into man, makes a man Holy.

And thus he is born again with a new spirit.

And that is why Jesus says in the Gospels, “Unless a person is BAPTISED WITH WATER AND WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT, ONE CANNOT ATTAIN TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN” (within).

At this moment of your life, something wonderful has happened to you.

From henceforth your KNOWING ESSENCE would be focussed and oriented towards the Divine.

At the same time in order to facilitate this, you would become detached from the affairs of the world.

And this is the new spirit of life which has dawned within you.

And this will not happen, unless you receive the benediction from God.

Furthermore Jesus says, “I AM THE GOOD SHEPHERD”.

The good shepherd takes care of his human flock.

That is why God is your Guru.

When the good shepherd calls his flock, they hear and recognise his voice and enter and exit the gate. (Gospel of John 10;1-18).

They will not obey the command of a stranger.

So the flock patiently await the voice of the shepherd to enter the gate.

Narrow is the gate very few find it.

Gate is the doorway to the ‘kingdom of heaven within’.

And this KINGDOM is the godly state of existence, experienced when one attains Nirvana or Enlightenment.

Thus God declares VIA JESUS, that He is the good shepherd, who tends his human flock.

Thus this section is mentioned as a figure of speech by Jesus.

Hence, this is an OPEN DECLARATION BY GOD, that HE IS YOUR GURU, who will unerringly guide you all through your trials and tribulations of life.

Furthermore in the ‘REVELATIONS’ of the Bible (REV 3.8), a very profound spiritual truth is declared; this is mystically stated.


Then in the same section (REV 3.20) God declares;

All this is stated enigmatically.

I stand at the door and silently knock is the mystic essence of the above two statements.
I will not digress and elaborate on this at the present moment.

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