On The Holy Nature Of A True Guru

Wisdom and holiness is a rare combination.

Such ones are far and few in the world.

Only a wise man can guide you.

Natural goodness is in them.

They seek nothing from anybody.

They are stern and strict with their disciples.

They are not frivolous, sense-indulgent persons.

They want nothing from you.

Thus they do not accept Guru-dakshina, as is the prevalent custom in India.

It is a shame and a disgrace to do so.

Hence they are neither rich nor possess a huge establishment.

Nor do they live a life of opulence.

A life of opulence is contrary to dispassion, and a life of ‘POVERTY’ which they had initially embraced.

For, out of their natural goodness of their heart they guide you.

Just as the flower does not expect a reward from you, for emitting its natural fragrance.

Guru-dakshina was something introduced by the pagan Brahmins of India to make a living and live as social parasites.

But all holy ones of India lived a natural life of poverty, simplicity and goodness.

By their presence and wisdom they radiated tranquillity, peace and harmony in the lives and hearts of people.

Their presence is a benign boon to mankind.

Once a holy man entered a train at a station. A well- known PSYCHIC was seated in another compartment of the train, and he remarked, a ‘LIGHT’ has entered the train and is travelling with us. At another station the light descended and the psychic too followed him to discern him.

Thus the holy ones are a light unto the world.