The Grace Of God And The Concept Of Superconductors

The GRACE of God is naturally present in the universe.

So declared Ramakrishna the 19th century Saint.

But man must position himself to receive it.

An ordinary conductor, because of the dancing or oscillation of the atoms within, does not fully transmit the electrical impulses.

But when certain conductive materials are cooled to very low temperatures, the oscillation of its atoms are negligibly very low and thereby they without impediment or resistance become a superconductor and transmit electricity.

So also is the case with the mind of a person when the mind is rendered still or stilled with the cessation of its energy impulses, it becomes like a superconductor to receive the Grace without its psychological impediments.

That is why it is stated in the Christian tradition;

Hence to be mentally still, one must cool off one’s passions lying dormant within the subconscious mind.

These passions time and again manifest, surface and roar into a conflagration like a forest fire in the conscious mind.

Hence both in the conscious and the subconscious mind, they are ever present and act as a drag or resistance to the ever present Grace.

But, when all passions, all desires and all movements of the dynamised mind are rendered still and become placid like the wave-less ocean, then one is in a position to receive the ever flowing Grace.