What Is The Source Of All Traditions?

People speak of tradition.

To what tradition do you belong to or come from, is an oft quoted question?

There is only one tradition, that which has come from God.

God is the root or source of all so called traditions.

The same message gets revealed world-wide.

But frail and mortal man, wants to think that his is special and different.

To make it special he organises a club.

A club has its club rules, conventions, procedures and practices.

A club also has its club initiations and a club memberships and its hierarchy.

Also its club subscriptions too.

Every religion is like a club, with one difference.

At birth itself you are born to its membership and thus dubbed as a Hindu, or a Buddhist, or a Christian etc.

Then within a religion itself you have so many sub-divisions.

Each very unfriendly with each other.

You very much wonder, what has happened?

Each wants to promote itself and compete with each other, for whatever purpose.

The nett result is, there is worldwide animosity with each other.

Where has true religion disappeared?

Even God is wondering.

What has man done to my teachings?