Do We Need An Avatar Today?

The Answer Is No.


Because we have all the requisite knowledge for SALVATION freely and openly available today in the twenty first century.

As this process gradually opened out in the twentieth century.

Prior to that, there was religious suppression of knowledge and also of religious persecution.

That is why, the founding fathers of the American union, went to America to live in religious freedom.

Today religious freedom has dawned in the human race.

Seek and you will find.

That is why Jesus says in the Gospel of Matthew (7.7)

Seek the WAY and you will gradually find or discern the way.

The WAY to Salvation.

Don’t blindly believe the prevalent religious garbage currently available in the open market.

A mere belief in Jesus, Buddha or Krishna will not lead you to Salvation.

You will have to discern and understand their teachings and then live by it.

That living of their teachings will only lead you to Salvation.

In the process, the GRACE of GOD will come to you. It will descend upon you.

Hence the purpose of an Avatar is to REVEAL the WAY to SALVATION.

And this WAY is currently available to the human race.