Sankhya and Yoga Philosophy Part One

SANKHYA and YOGA are the two systems of ancient spiritual thought of India.

They are even believed to predate the Upanishads.

The Sankhya system is erroneously considered not to acknowledge an Ishwara – Creator God, in its metaphysical and spiritual discipline.

While the yoga system, is said to acknowledge an Ishwara in its system.

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Sankhya and Yoga Philosophy Part Two

Thus the SANKHYA and YOGA system presented the problem, and showed the WAY OUT, with their corresponding disciplines.

The SANKHYA system is incorrectly accused of not accepting God in its system, and thereby some call it as NIRISHWARA SANKHYA.

That is Godless Sankhya.

It is not so.

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The Black Hole

Scientists have discovered numerous BLACK HOLES in the Cosmic system.

WHAT is a Black Hole?

It is matter, planets and objects in the system which implode and collapse within into a concentrated dense mass of extreme pinpoint size of condensed matter.

Imagine the entire planet Earth so collapsing into a pinpoint size condition.

Anything which enters into a Black Hole does not emerge out.

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Maya = Prakriti = The Womb of Creation

The giant Black Hole into which the whole universe has collapsed, could be called the potential seed state condition for the next Big Bang, wherein the next creation begins.

This POTENTIAL ENERGY or SEED-STATE CONDITION has been given two names in the Indian metaphysical tradition.

From the point of view of its seed-state condition in the SANKHYA system, it is termed as PRAKRITI.

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God in Charge of Operations

Thus everything is clear now.

This giant Black Hole, which is a potential energy in a seed-state condition, termed as PRAKRITI or MAYA has a supreme, all knowing, all capable Intelligence which is in charge, and controls and directs it to proceed along its intended rhythm of creation.

Hence two of the imponderables are clear now.

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God Is The Locus Or Abode Of The Energy Of Maya

Now we come to a very intriguing concept.

That is, WHERE does this potential seed-state energy reside.

Prior to creation, there was neither space nor time, as both came along with creation.

As creation was happening, the expanding universe simultaneously came along with the phenomenon of expanding space and due to its motion, time as well.

It is rather strange that the phenomenon of motion as expanding universe should also simultaneously induce space and time to also transpire along with it.

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Avidya = Ignorance

Then we come to another interesting concept.

The same MAYA-SHAKTI, is also called as AVIDYA or IGNORANCE.

With due emphasis to its VEILING POWER, it is called as AVIDYA.

As it veils or, covers the Reality called God.

Then, with due emphasis to its PROJECTING POWER, it is called as MAYA.

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Avidya In Man

It is a self-evident fact that man is in ignorance.

He is primarily ignorant of himself.

Thereby is also ignorant of God within him and also outside him.

As such, is searching for his identity or true identity.

Until he discovers it, he will be disquiet and restless.

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The Two Tracks

Once again we come back to the two tracks.

The FORM, and its SHADOW.


The creation is a cyclic eternal process.

The creation transpires in circles.

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