Absolute Reality Part 2

Then another definition for God.




ANANTAM means endless and limitless Existence.


BRAHMAN means The Divine.

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Absolute Reality Part 3

There are only three possibilities for God, to be or not.

1. It is a nothing; That is, it does not exist. It is only a fiction.

2. It is a no thing; That is, it is not a thing or a substance.

3. It is a NO THING; That is, it is not a thing, but is something which is incomprehensible.

But is experienceable as one’s own existence.

If not, it neither can be known or experienced.

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Revelation: or Scriptural Authority Part 1

It reveals to you, and gives you a knowledge of what you do not know, but should know.

Thus it reveals primarily four things.

  1. God and God’s nature of being-ness. So you could appreciate it
  2. Man’s true identity. Who am I. So you know yourself
  3. The nature of the Universe. So that you can take a standpoint with reference to it
  4. The WAY to God. So that you can experience the Godly state of existence

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Revelation: or Scriptural Authority Part 2

God has revealed this knowledge uniformly to all people, all races, and all nations of people.

If not, He would be partial.

Which cannot be the case. As God is not partial.

He has nobody called the chosen race or the chosen people.

But arrogant and foolish people, think that they are the chosen race or tribe.

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Revelation: or Scriptural Authority Part 4

Then the scriptures having pronounced the basic truth’s, sometimes substantiate it with reason.

This is meant to fortify the understanding.

The rational mind seeks reason to fortify its faith.

Faith in God. In the existence.

What we went through earlier is part of this rational process.

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Revelation: or Scriptural Authority Part 7

Then this knowledge is reinforced and re-affirmed in the personal experience of the mystics and the saints of the world.

A mystic or a saint is one, who has a direct personal experience of God within.

A saint is a saint, not because of miracles, but is so, because of the God experience within.

A saint may or may not perform miracles.

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