Maya = Prakriti = The Womb of Creation

The giant Black Hole into which the whole universe has collapsed, could be called the potential seed state condition for the next Big Bang, wherein the next creation begins.

This POTENTIAL ENERGY or SEED-STATE CONDITION has been given two names in the Indian metaphysical tradition.

From the point of view of its seed-state condition in the SANKHYA system, it is termed as PRAKRITI.

Then from the potential energy point of view, the same PRAKRITI is called as MAYA-SHAKTI.

PRAKRITI means nature, and MAYA-SHAKTI means the energy called MAYA.

Thus the SVETASVATARA Upanishad states; (In 4.10)

“MAYAM TU PRAKRITIM VIDDHI, MAYINAM TU MAHASWARAM” MAYA is said to be PRAKRITI, and the great Lord is said to be in charge of MAYA.

That is the controller of MAYA.