Avidya = Ignorance

Then we come to another interesting concept.

The same MAYA-SHAKTI, is also called as AVIDYA or IGNORANCE.

With due emphasis to its VEILING POWER, it is called as AVIDYA.

As it veils or, covers the Reality called God.

Then, with due emphasis to its PROJECTING POWER, it is called as MAYA.

The power which deludes and fascinates one in creation.

Thus, this power veils God and projects the Universe.

Mortal man is a victim of both powers.

This is a self-evident fact.

That is why man is ignorant of God.

So IGNORANCE is at the bottom of our problem.

Now who has IGNORANCE, not God, but man.

So if man clears away this ignorance, then all will be well with him once again.

Hence the solution is its counter-opposite, called VIDYA or KNOWLEDGE of God.

Knowledge, and its process which removes ignorance.

That which provides this GOD knowledge are the scriptures, contained in the teachings of the Avatars or Messiahs.

This knowledge is not mere text-book knowledge, but a knowledge-discipline, which involves one’s entire life and focus of attention.

It is a life-discipline of knowledge.

Then, once this AVIDYA or IGNORANCE is cleared, one will be intrigued to know where this ‘ignorance’ disappeared and what really transpired.

Once enlightened ‘ignorance’ vanishes and one cannot figure out where it has vanished.

It must be a real thing to figure it out.

It is not totally unreal too, as you are experiencing its effects.

It is capable of producing something which is not there.

Hence IGNORANCE-AVIDYA is not nothing, but is a mysterious delusory energy capable of immense mischief by putting you into a delusion.

For, after enlightenment, the question of ignorance gets answered as, WHAT IGNORANCE ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. There must be a ignorance in the first place to talk about or even discuss.

An existent thing vanishing is understandable.

But as all know, ‘ignorance’ is a non-existent something which is capable of great mischief.

Hence from a non-existent ignorance the universe transpired. Not from an existent.

This is a momentous conclusion for the entire riddle.