God in Charge of Operations

Thus everything is clear now.

This giant Black Hole, which is a potential energy in a seed-state condition, termed as PRAKRITI or MAYA has a supreme, all knowing, all capable Intelligence which is in charge, and controls and directs it to proceed along its intended rhythm of creation.

Hence two of the imponderables are clear now.

One; from what source did the Big Bang occur or explode into creation.

Two; who did it.

In the Bible, in the opening statement of the book of Genesis this state of impending creation is intriguingly stated;

Prior to creation “the universe was formless and empty”.

That is, it was not yet formed.

WHY; “Darkness was over the surface of the deep”.

Which means it was in a dormant shut down state.

Therefore it had to be activated.

Hence, in the following line the Bible states;

“And the ‘Spirit of God’ was hovering over the waters”. To activate it.

Which means to impel it into the motion of creation, under the watchful eyes of God.

The UPANISHADS too, clearly and emphatically state God as the Intelligence for creation to be impelled into its due course.

Therefore the third imponderable is also clear now.
WHAT triggered it?

The Bible states;
The ‘SPIRIT OF GOD’ was hovering over the ‘waters’.

God activated it.

The Hindu scriptures, the Upanishads too declare;

The WILL OF GOD triggered and impelled the creation.