God Is The Locus Or Abode Of The Energy Of Maya

Now we come to a very intriguing concept.

That is, WHERE does this potential seed-state energy reside.

Prior to creation, there was neither space nor time, as both came along with creation.

As creation was happening, the expanding universe simultaneously came along with the phenomenon of expanding space and due to its motion, time as well.

It is rather strange that the phenomenon of motion as expanding universe should also simultaneously induce space and time to also transpire along with it.

Thus the Universe, space and time were coeval in their production. And did not exist before.

Hence prior to creation where did this potential seed-state energy called MAYA reside or abide?

Since there was no space, it had no independent location.

Real-estate people say, when you buy a house, look for three important things.

Location, location and location.

Hence, what better place for the location of creation than God himself.

Thus God-ISHWARA, is not only the locus for the potential seed-energy called MAYA, but is also the location where the creation has transpired.

This creation has transpired on the Beingness of God.

Thus God’s Beingness pervades and permeates the entire creation.

Its Beingness imparts substance and existence to the creation.

But do not impute that God is a Being or a substance.

This is a primitive and an anthropomorphic notion of God.

Clear this notion out of your mind.

If so, that gives us confidence to locate the all elusive God.

God is the LOCUS in which or rather in whom this energy called MAYA abides.

In what way.

Just as a magician’s magical power of magic abides in the magician.

It is not an intrinsic part of his existence.

Nor is it outside of him.

It is a power over which he has total command.

At will he can generate the magical show, and terminate it as well.

So too also God, with His creation and its power.

It is the greatest show on ‘earth’.

At least have the good sense to give some credit to God, for His awe-inspiring display.

That is why He is God.

Therefore, even though the energy and the power of MAYA abides in God it is not an intrinsic part of His existence.

Remember, God is a God of LOVE and COMPASSION.

Not a God of anger and vengeance.

Therefore if one wants God’s consideration, one must similarly be a man of love and compassion and not one of anger, hatred and vengeance.

The negatives are counter-productive and would cause misery and sorrow to oneself and all concerned.

Man is to woo God with unconditional love and compassion for one and all.

Then only, the love of God would emanate from one’s heart flowing to God and God’s love flowing back to man.

LOVE is a TWO-WAY street for the two to meet.

Since God is also the Intelligence or director of the creation as well, we can define Him and say as a definition ;

God is both the material cause via MAYA-SHAKTI and efficient (intelligent) cause for creation.

This creation exists in God, moves in God, has its bearings in God, and finally dissolves in God.

So God is the centre of this BHAVA CHAKRA or wheel of life of human existence in the universe.

Therefore IF man gets centred, he will arrive at his God centre.