The Concept of Creation in Science

The men of science postulate that the Universe came into existence with a grand explosion called the BIG BANG.

But what triggered the BIG BANG EXPLOSION?

From what did it explode? Not out of nothing.

Or even WHO triggered it?

The above three questions are imponderables.

Science would find it difficult to answer them.

Who assembled the ingredients for the BIG BANG to transpire?

Furthermore even a manufactured and assembled Atom bomb cannot explode by itself, unless it is triggered to do so by an eminent fool.

After the Big Bang transpired, the sub-atomic fundamental particles were whizzing around the universe at the speed of light.

But these fundamental WHIZZING particles were made to COALESE and form themselves into atoms, molecules, stars, planets and even life too.

Thus the building blocks of the universe arrived.

That which enabled this to happen, is the newly discovered HIGG’S BOSON.

Higgs boson is considered to be the most fundamental building block of matter, which came into existence within a trillionth of a second of the Big Bang origin of the Universe.

Hence it is called the ‘God particle’. It is the last cornerstone in the theory of modern physics.

For, it enables all other particles to acquire MASS by its very nature or structure.

Without MASS there would be no matter, and hence no Universe.

Hence the term ‘God particle’.

Higgs postulated the existence of such a particle in order to explain the presence of matter in the Universe.

Higgs boson is a particle which has a ‘STICKY’ force or field of energy which acts as a drag on other particles, and thus enables them to BIND together to form mass.

This mass enables particles to hold together and become matter.

Thus this ‘God particle’ is fundamental to the creation of the Universe.

Higgs said this particle is a necessity.

Why not we go a step further and say, similarly the unmanifest God too is a necessity, if not for whom, we cannot explain the manifest Universe.

What is the central piece, the central fulcrum around which the whole universe revolves and finds rhythm in its existence.

As the Universe is a marvel in creation.

Is it not an Intelligence, call it God if you will.

With God at its centre, the entire jigsaw puzzle of creation may be more meaningful.

God wants you to find Him.

When you find Him, the entire jigsaw puzzle of creation and of human existence would be resolved.

The WHY of all this would be answered.

The only trouble is, He has hidden Himself so well in His creation that you find it difficult to find Him.

But, He has been found.

So you too could find Him.

Pursue Him, with the appropriate discipline.

Every field of enquiry has its corresponding discipline.

It also has its corresponding competency, to undertake this field of enquiry and discipline.