The Black Hole

Scientists have discovered numerous BLACK HOLES in the Cosmic system.

WHAT is a Black Hole?

It is matter, planets and objects in the system which implode and collapse within into a concentrated dense mass of extreme pinpoint size of condensed matter.

Imagine the entire planet Earth so collapsing into a pinpoint size condition.

Anything which enters into a Black Hole does not emerge out.

Light and matter, when it so enters, does not emerge out. They are locked in or lodged in.

Now, let us look into or imagine the phenomenon of all Black Holes in the Universe, along with all matter collapsing into a single giant Black Hole.

That is the whole Universe has collapsed into the giant Black Hole.

This giant Black Hole could be considered to be the fertile womb for the next Big Bang to occur, once the manifest Universe has collapsed and disappeared at the time of the world’s end.

This GIANT BLACK HOLE could be considered to be the womb of creation, for creation to transpire.

It is a potential seed-state condition of high voltage energy.

For, matter in this condition has become energy.

As matter becomes energy, and energy becomes matter.

The situation is vice versa. E = mc 2

When energy becomes matter out pops the Universe.

When all matter becomes energy, total shut-down has occurred.

So why are people so excited about the world’s-end.