Revelation: or Scriptural Authority Part 7

Then this knowledge is reinforced and re-affirmed in the personal experience of the mystics and the saints of the world.

A mystic or a saint is one, who has a direct personal experience of God within.

A saint is a saint, not because of miracles, but is so, because of the God experience within.

A saint may or may not perform miracles.

It is irrelevant.

Though, ignorant people take a fancy to it.

Then apart from miracles, an unwise man with psychic powers may also demonstrate as a showman some unusual powers and capacities.

This is power over matter, not of the Spirit.

Power over matter means, power over the magical power of MAYA, which deludes and fascinates one.

Which is vastly different from spiritual power, acquired by the power of the Spirit.

Power of the Spirit is Godly.

Power of Matter is worldly.

Only devilish minded people acquire, practice, and demonstrate this power for self-glory.

It is a magical power meant to delude and mesmerise others.

Only a rascal would practice and acquire this power for use, misuse and abuse.

Hence a distinction has to be made between the two.

A saint with the power of the Spirit is in tune with God.

While the other, is in tune with his devilish nature.

Hence the performance of miracles is not the yardstick by which a Saint is a Saint.

But by his inherent oneness with his Divine nature.

He is one with God, and is stationed in God.