The Absolute Reality Is Established By Its Character (Nature) and Evidence

The Absolute Reality is established by its character (nature) and evidence.


Thus far, it’s nature was explained.

Now its evidence.

This evidence is threefold;

A. SHABDA = Scriptural Authority or REVELATION.

B. TARKA = Logic or rational thinking.

C. ANUBHAVA = Experience which confirms.

This will induce faith.

But sometimes one does not need this evidence for faith to arise.

As this faith is natural to some.

And to some, it is also natural not to have this faith.

If not present, then this faith will gradually dawn upon one, as one keeps on living life.

Life will induce it upon him in due course.

Therefore all is in good order.

FAITH in the existence of God.

This is the TRUE FAITH in man.

Therefore it is wrong to ask a man his “faith”.

How can he answer such a question.

He has faith in God. FULL STOP. Ask no more.

Unless you want to mess with his faith and mess him up.

With his faith he is having his “HOLY COMMUNION” with God.

What more do you want of him.

Mind your own business.

Let each man mind his own business.

This is what Jesus taught.

When a woman was brought before him for condemnation.

He quietly stooped down and wrote on the ground.

He did it not once, but twice, when the people insisted that he condemned her.

Then he said, let him without sin, cast the first stone.

Then they all left, one by one.

Then he told her, non condemned thee;

Nor do I.

Now what did he mean when he wrote on the ground with his finger.

( Mind your own affairs.

Mind your affairs with God.

Not with the woman’s.

They are hers.)