Revelation: or Scriptural Authority Part 4

Then the scriptures having pronounced the basic truth’s, sometimes substantiate it with reason.

This is meant to fortify the understanding.

The rational mind seeks reason to fortify its faith.

Faith in God. In the existence.

What we went through earlier is part of this rational process.

Also the MIRACLES ascribed to Krishna and Jesus, is also meant to fortify this faith.

What is a MIRACLE.

It is a special act of God, which defies the laws of nature and of natural occurrence.

It thus denies all rational explanation.

The birth of Lord Krishna under miraculous situations, his life drama replete with miraculous accuracy, were all meant to infuse faith and trust in his magnificent teaching called the “Bhagavad Gita” which was given later in his life.

The teachings were extraordinary and, is a treasure house of Spiritual wisdom.

Otherwise, people would think a mad-man is talking, blabbering nonsense.

That is what the priests and sadducees thought of Jesus.

The people and the priests even stoned him and drove him out of the city on one occasion.

Solely based on the teachings contained in the Bhagavad Gita, I could acclaim that, only an extraordinary being, could have given such a profound mystical teaching, replete with extraordinary complex Spiritual knowledge.

It was not the work of an ordinary mortal.

Thus solely based on the teachings of the Gita, I could say Lord Krishna was an AVATAR.

So too, I could equally acclaim that Jesus was a MESSIAH, based on His teachings contained in the four Gospels.

They are a text on Spiritual wisdom, meant for man’s salvation. It is self-complete in its teachings.

A careful study of it, enhances one’s Spiritual wisdom.

The Bhagavad Gita is metaphysically complex; while the four Gospels are direct sayings bereft of metaphysics.

They are a garland of Truth-statements imparted with authority.

Imparted with a seal of Divine Authority.

That is why the Pharisees and the Sadducees asked Jesus, by what authority do you speak!

Jesus answered not to this.

It didn’t deserve an answer.

As he had already demonstrated who he was by his miracles and statements.

He said “I come from my Father”.

For which they stoned him for blasphemy.

He furthermore openly declared to the woman at the Jacob’s well, “that he was the promised Messiah”.

A Messiah redeems mankind with his teachings.

On hearing the words of wisdom, the general populace told him, “we believe you”.

But the priests did not and did not want to.

Even Buddha and his teachings have been rejected by the priests of India.

The priests with their arrogance, pride, vanity and conceit indulge in PRIESTLY priest-craft and thereby are incapable of receiving the good teachings.

Nor do they want it.

This is a world-wide phenomena.

Thus, for the rational mind, a certain measure of reasoning is also imparted along with the revelation.

The Chandogya Upanishad states;

How can the Universe which is a “something” come out of nothing?

It must have come out of “something”.

Only nothing comes out of nothing.

Hence prior to creation there was “something”.

This “something is the REALITY, which exists prior to creation.

Thus creation came later, Reality existed before.