Revelation: or Scriptural Authority Part 2

God has revealed this knowledge uniformly to all people, all races, and all nations of people.

If not, He would be partial.

Which cannot be the case. As God is not partial.

He has nobody called the chosen race or the chosen people.

But arrogant and foolish people, think that they are the chosen race or tribe.

They think, they have the copyright.

God reveals this profound knowledge in two ways;

  1. As an AVATAR or MESSIAH
  2. Via HOLY PEOPLE; so that it can be judiciously transmitted to one and all earnest seekers of God and Truth

An AVATAR or MESSIAH teaches us in two ways.

But, who is an AVATAR?

It is GOD the CREATOR taking a human form with a human birth, and living a human life.

This is necessary, as you will have to emulate his life and ways as an example. Be like him and attain his state of being-ness.

In the Hindu or rather Indian tradition, there were four Avatars in human form.

  1. VAMANA AVATAR: This has a mystical significance
  2. RAMA AVATAR: Meant to show people how to live an exemplary life of righteousness and Dharma
  3. KRISHNA AVATAR: To accept the challenges of life with a SERENE smile on his lips
  4. He also gave a magnificent teaching called the Bhagavad Gita.


    The ATMAN is the Divine nature within.

  5. BUDDHA AVATAR: How to attain Enlightenment with strenuous right effort

Who is a MESSIAH: Messiah means the anointed one.
Anointed by God, and not by the priests.

How dare the priests anoint one, who is above them.

Hence it means, anointed by God.

Historically Jesus was never anointed by the priests.