Revelation: or Scriptural Authority Part 1

It reveals to you, and gives you a knowledge of what you do not know, but should know.

Thus it reveals primarily four things.

  1. God and God’s nature of being-ness. So you could appreciate it
  2. Man’s true identity. Who am I. So you know yourself
  3. The nature of the Universe. So that you can take a standpoint with reference to it
  4. The WAY to God. So that you can experience the Godly state of existence

It also informs;

  1. The connection which exists between you and God
  2. The connection which exists between God and the Universe
  3. And the purpose of the Universe in your life
  4. And how to exist in it, and to exit it

Revelation means revealed knowledge.

By whom?

By God himself.

That is his duty. To take care of his creation.

Having created to reveal the Truths.

That is why, it is a revelation = “to know”.

That is why, you exclaim, when you receive a profound or shocking truth, stating that it was quite a revelation.
Here too, the above truths are quite a revelation.

That is why you are happy to receive it, though it may take some time to come to terms with it, and appreciate its contents.

It is GOOD News.

GOSPELS (means) = good news.

All the above truths are also mentioned in the Gospels in terse SUTRA form.


  1. God and Gods nature
  2. Man’s true identity
  3. The WAY to God
  4. Adwaita or non-dual Awareness

To know this you do not have to subscribe to a religion.