Revelation: or Scriptural Authority Part 3

Anointed by God: What does it mean? Came directly from God.

While mortal man is anointed by the Holy Spirit.

When so anointed, by the Holy Spirit sanctification occurs.

When one is so sanctified, the SINS get washed.

Thereby one becomes a purified soul.

Thus Jesus washes the feet of his disciples as a symbolic act to reveal this sacred sanctification.

Thereby man is “born again” to walk the ways of God.

As did his twelve apostles.

They dedicated their lives to so live a Godly life of goodness, purity and piety.

True PIETY ushers in all the virtues including wisdom, love compassion, kindness and detachment.

Jesus as a Messiah entered the womb of Virgin Mary.

He was already endowed with Divine Wisdom and Divine Power, as he directly came from his Father.

That is why he is a Messiah.

This truth is signified by the visit of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth who was six months gone with her future baby John the Baptist.

When Mary greeted Elizabeth, then and there itself, the babe in Elizabeth leaped in joy on hearing the voice of Mary. For MARY was carrying the Lord; the Lord was with her.

That is why Virgin Mary as the MADONNA is considered Holy.

AND THUS spontaneously John the Baptist was baptised with the Holy Spirit.

Later on Jesus tells his disciples “I will send the COMFORTER” = HOLY SPIRIT.

Thus signifying that Jesus is distinct from the Holy Spirit, and came directly from God and was empowered to baptise with the Holy Spirit.

Therefore Messiah means, the descent of God into man in human form, as a one-time act.

That is why He is also called as an INCARNATION, while mortal man re-incarnates from life to life or birth to birth.

Thus each incident in Jesus’s life had a mystic teaching.

While His teachings synthesised in a brief form, the teachings given by his predecessors.

It is the crystalized essence given in cryptic mystical sutra like statements.

Hence every statement that Jesus uttered is to be pondered over.

Its meaning and significance grasped.

That is why, he said “I came to fulfil the Spiritual laws, not to destroy them” How could he.

The Messiahs and Avatars CAME to fulfil each other.

Not to contradict and be in conflict with each other.

It should be noted;

As all Spiritual laws are universal.

There is no such thing called the Hindu way of Moksha (Salvation), the Buddhist way of Nirvana or the Christian way of Salvation.

Salvation or Enlightenment or Nirvana is one and the same for all.

Their teachings corroborate each other.

They supplement and compliment and enrich each other.

Therefore when you go through all scriptures, they enrich your wisdom.

The sum total of all is the scripture of mankind.

In fact the four Gospels contained in the New Testament is the last Testament of God to mortal man.

It is rich in Spiritual wisdom.

It is the distilled essence of what Lord Krishna taught in the Bhagavad Gita.