Who Is An Avatar?

When GOD the CREATOR takes a human form, and lives a human life in order to impart a teaching to mankind, HE is called an AVATAR or a MESSIAH.

It is a straight descent of God as man.

It is a one-time act.

Mortal man reincarnates from birth to birth, for many lifetimes.

But God the creator INCARNATES.

Each time it happens it is a one-time act.

He descends into human form with full blown knowledge, equipped with the wisdom and the powers of the Almighty.

He is here with a MISSION.

Jesus makes reference to this.

He says, I came from my FATHER.

In fact HE is the only one of the four Avatars, who makes reference to this fact, and what’s more declares it so.

It is this statement which irritated the priests, and provoked them to crucify Him.

Then, after His MISSION is over, He ascends.

He ascends to His Father from where He came.

Father means, the one who fathered the creation and all created beings.

Therefore God is your Father, as you emanated from God.

Therefore you too are the SON of God.

You too will ascend to your Father.

You too have a mission, or are on a mission.

Your mission is to know God, who exists within you.

To enable this sacred operation to transpire God sends an AVATAR, to show you the WAY with His life and teachings.

Hence you are on a sacred mission.

Blessed is he, who understands this.