What Is A Scripture? Part 8

Hence seek for the WAY, which has been mystically stated in the scriptures.

If you are earnest, this WAY will gradually unfold in your mind in due time and in due course of your life.

Remember GOD is your GURU.

Never forget this.

HE is your unfailing guide.

If you cannot trust in God, in whom will you trust?

From the moment you were born, He has been guiding your life.

This I learnt from my own life-experience.

Hence, first of all have the good sense to accept and acknowledge the wisdom of God coursing and functioning through your life.

This at times can be a little difficult.

For, at times we rebel like little children, not understanding the wisdom of God.

You may even ask, is there a God?

YOGA SWAMI, the saint and mystic of Jaffna said;

I personally had the privilege and the good fortune to know him, ever since I was born.

In my young days prior to my departure to the Himalaya’s to be a hermit, he assisted me without me knowing it.

So also, God does so, to each and every earnest seeker of God and Salvation.

God opens the doors.

But you have to enter and proceed.

You need GOD’s GRACE to obtain Salvation.

You need GOD’s GRACE to be baptised with the HOLY SPIRIT.

You need GOD’s GRACE to get into the spiritual path leading to Salvation.

Don’t ever forget this.