The Mission Of An Avatar

The Avatar though in human form knows full well that he came from God to fulfil, and accomplish a mission.

This TRUTH had been so prophesised earlier, by the great prophets, both in the Hindu and Jewish traditions.

Jesus makes reference to this in the gospel of Luke (4.16).

Jesus’s MISSION was prophesised in the book of prophet ISAIAH in the Jewish tradition.

The sum and substance of his mission was briefly revealed there.

Jesus read it to the assembled congregation in the synagogue in Nazareth.

I too, have explained this section in detail and it is currently available in audio CD form.

It is a powerful section containing a wealth of spiritual wisdom-knowledge, briefly stated enigmatically.

What was briefly stated, I have explained and opened with due grace of God.

The CD is titled as “THE SACRED MISSION OF JESUS” as per the GOSPEL OF LUKE with cross reference to other Gospels as well.

The reader and the listener would be pleasantly surprised to hear its mystic content.

There is a needful human climate in the human world for Truths to be so espoused and brought forth for a better knowledge.

Thus there is a new awakening in the Christian world with a new awareness as to what Jesus meant, when he made those cryptic TRUTH statements contained in the four Gospels.

Interestingly there is a new group of people in the U.K. called CANA who are opening themselves to a new AWARENESS.