What Is The Truth? Part 1

Is the seen universe the truth.


Has the universe transpired in time.

Prior to its beginning it wasn’t there.

Hence it is not true.

What comes must also go.

But then what was prior to the universe.

Of course the universe could not have come out of nothing.

From nothing, nothing happens.

From something only, something happens.

Therefore the universe came out of “something”.

The seen universe indicates its unseen cause, this something.

This “something” is the material cause.

The universe is also a finely tuned cosmos, and not a chaos.

Hence it must have an intelligence as a cause as well.

Hence this “something” is both the material and intelligent cause.

But without this intelligence, could it not have come into existence as an accidental outcome of the interplay of the atoms and molecules, in their various permutations and combinations.

They happily transpired to become the universe.

According to the theory of probability such a contingency is not impossible, but is highly improbable.

It is like handing a pen to a monkey, and one fine day it began scribbling the works of Shakespeare.

Such a contingency is not impossible, but is highly improbable.

Hence there has to be a superior all-knowing cosmic intelligence to explain the presence of this universe.

This intelligence is the intelligent cause of the universe.

But there has to be matter for the universe.

Then out of what, matter was produced for the universe.

Matter and energy are inter-convertible E= MC2.

Matter becomes energy and vice versa.

So energy became matter.

Energy has two states.

Kinetic and potential.

Potential is locked up energy in a seed state.

This seed state potential energy has its locus in the intelligence.

Just as a magicians magical power has it’s locus in the magician.

With this magical power he manifests a show.

This magical power is not an intrinsic part of his existence.

Nor does the magical power exist outside the magician as a separate existence.

But has its locus in the magician, without being an integral part of his existence.

So too also this potential energy has its locus in the intelligence without being an integral part of its existence.

When the magician wills, the show transpires.

Similarly when the intelligence wills, the universe transpires.

The Upanishads declare, this initial willing for the beginning of creation to transpire.

The show has begun, the drama of life has begun.

Everyones an actor in the stage of real life with a role to play.

The universe is the stage.

The supreme intelligence the director.

Hence play your assigned role well and perfect your role in the act.

When you have perfected your role, and become perfect as your Father, the drama of your life is over.

The curtain has come down with a thunderous applause of your enlightenment.

This is symbolically and allegorically indicated with the ripping of the curtain in the temple when Jesus was crucified.

The veil was torn asunder.

The veil of delusion born of ignorance, was torn asunder.

In the Hindu tradition, this veil is referred to as the knots of the heart- hridaya granthi.

The knots of mortal man get unknotted on enlightenment.

The mystery of the unknotting was symbolically indicated by the ripping of the curtain in the temple at the very moment of Jesus’s crucifixion.

Thereafter mortal man is in paradise.

Thus this intelligence is a Consciousness.

This Consciousness has no location. ( as it does not subsist in space)

Nor does it subsist in time. (as it has no beginning).

Once again it is a mind boggling issue.

To conceive the presence or existence of such a consciousness is impossible which exists not in space nor in time.

It is spaceless timeless consciousness.

It defies all comprehension.

Never the less it IS, It exists.

This Consciousness is what is referred to as God in God experience.

This consciousness is the supreme reality of all life and life phenomena.

All life phenomena has come out of this.

All life phenomena subsists in this.

In what way?