The basis and the foundation of life and of spiritual living

It should be based on truth and the truth.

Unless I am the truth, I cannot know it or even experience it.

Thus Jesus said; “I am the truth

The four Gospels speak of this Truth and of its way.

The Upanishads declare Aham Brahmasmi; which means I am Brahman.

Ayam atma brahma which means I as the atman am Brahman.

Brahman is a designated name for the divine in the Hindu scriptures.

Therefore “I”, the atman in my real state of existence am the Divine.

That is why Jesus said, “you are gods”, for which statement he was stoned.

The great instructive statement in the Chandogya Upanishad states Tat Twam Asi. That (divine) thou art.

This is said to be a great pronouncement; Mahavakya.

It informs you of a great secret.

It tells you, of what you do not know, but should know.

That is why, it is a scripture.

A scripture tells you, reveals to you and educates you on what you do not know.

Hence, it is your final education.

To know “who I am”.

To reveal this profound truth was the divine mission of Jesus.

He said, “I” and my “father” are one.

Oh father, make them one with us, just as we are one

I in you, and you in me, and the father in us.

Hence every man is on his sacred mission.

To know and experience this truth.

The scripture is not at fault, if ignorant people out of their ignorance and passions distort and wrongly interpret it.

Out of these wrong interpretations have religions surfaced.

All scriptures of the world are in harmony.

Their teachings are ONE, but variously expressed, as per their historical context, culture and their respective mind state receptivity.

But their content is one.