What is the Truth? Part 2

Then how does this Intelligence bring about this Universe.

Has it become the Universe.


Remaining as the intelligence it has manifested it.


On its beingness or existence.

Its beingness pervades & permeates the entire creation.

If not for IT the Universe cannot be, as nothing else exists outside the intelligence.

Just as the threads pervade and permeate the fabric.

Just as the clay pervades & permeates the pot.

So also this Intelligence manifested the Universe on its beingness or existence.

It has not literally become the Universe, but has only manifest it, on itself.

If it has literally become the Universe, it is irretrievably lost in it and cannot be recovered.

Like the milk transforming itself as the curd (yogurt) and thereby cannot be retrieved.

But here the Intelligence has manifested itself as the creation, just as a rope in twilight (dim light) has manifested itself as a frightening snake.

It should be noted that in full light the snake would not manifest.

Also in total darkness it would not manifest, only so in dim light.

So the manifestation of the snake has two factors.

One the rope, the reality.

The other ignorance- AVIDYA.

The two combined, has made the snake effect.

So too also, the Intelligence, along with the magical power has manifested the Universe.

This magical power is what is referred to as MAYA SAKTHI in the Hindu scriptures.

This has two powers.

  1. Veiling
  2. Projecting

Herein both are in operation.

Intelligence has been veiled.

The Universe has been projected.

With due emphasis to its veiling power it is called as AVIDYA and with due emphasis to its projecting power it is called as MAYA, which deludes and fascinates one.

Hence this fellow called as IGNORANCE-AVIDYA is not the mere absence of knowledge.

But is capable of producing something which is not there.

It is Bhava Rupa capable of “Becoming” something.

That is why the Universe is a Mithya- an apparent appearance which disappears on its basis, when its basis is discerned.

When the rope is perceived, the snake disappears where it appeared.

If it is so, then there is relief from this enigmatic problem.

Hence the Antidote for this enigmatic Universe, is the first-hand knowledge experience of the basis of the Universe which is the Intelligence.

Knowing and experiencing this Intelligence is the way out of this Universe.

The WAY OUT is via the DOOR.

Narrow is the gate, very few find it. (Matthew7.14)

Many travel by the broadway.

The broadway is glamorous.

Like a broadway show.

So we have to arrive at the door, to exit the Universe.