What Is A Scripture? Part 7

Then the seventh aspect of this revelation is, God reveals the “WAY” back to your Divine status as the immortal ATMAN of blissful existence.

This gets experienced in NIRVANA, and is called experiencing the Godly state within.

It is also called the state of TAO in the far eastern tradition.

It is like getting back home.

You came from God.

And you will get back to your Divine source.

Every creature, and every being is consciously or unconsciously longing to go back home to its source and rest there in peace.

Until then, it will ever be in disquiet, and restless.

This is a natural longing especially after a day’s heavy toil.

The little boy wants to go back to its home to be in the comfort of the mother.

The grown-up married man after a day’s wearied toil wants to go back home to be in the comfort of his wife, who keeps the home alive with her presence.

Hence a mother and a wife are two precious things in a man’s life to be cherished and cared for.

And it is a woman’s duty to keep her home alive with her benign presence.

Then, when a man is totally tired of the world he develops a natural longing to go back to his God source.

And thus for such a man or a woman, God shows him or her the ‘WAY BACK’ in the scriptures.

You depart from where you came.

You disappear from where you appeared.

Thus everyone is looking for the “WAY”.

This WAY is mystically revealed in the scriptures.

Buddha stated this WAY as the “MIDDLE PATH”.

Krishna made reference to this in the fifth chapter verse 19 of the Bhagavad Gita as NIRDHOSAM SAMAM BRAHMA; That is, BRAHMAN is of one nature free of defects and distinctions.

Hence Krishna says in the same verse, SAMYE STHITAM MANAHA overcomes creation.

That is, the mind in a state of mental equipoise overcomes creation.

And finally Jesus made a sublime reference to this as “I AM THE WAY”.

The above three teachers corroborate and supplement each other in their teachings.

Their teachings are enigmatically stated.

To be deciphered and understood.

As the WAY has been indicated, perhaps there is no need to continue further.

Anyhow, we will continue as an add on to further elucidate the mystical WAY back and unravel the mystery of Spiritual living.