What Is A Scripture? Part 6

Then the fifth and the sixth aspect of the scriptural revelation, reveals the nature of human nature, and the origin of man.

What is the human individual?

What is its origin?

What are its constituents?

That is, it is made-up of what factors.

This is so stated, that you can understand and appreciate who you are.

You must know yourself.

For it is not that you have a problem, but, you are the problem.

Hence, when you the problem is resolved, then all is well.

This you is referred to as the individual soul, or as the JIVATHMA in the Hindu tradition.

The Buddhists at times make reference to it as the PUDGALA , constituted of the FIVE SKANDHAS.

The Hindus, as that which is constituted of the three bodies with its five KOSHAS, when it is so lodged in the current body.

Technically speaking, it is the subtle body constituted of the FOUR KOSHAS which is referred to as the individual soul.

In physical death, it is this subtle body which leaves or vacates this house called the human physical body.

Thus, it is this subtle body called the soul which transmigrates from body to body until enlightenment.

Thereafter it gets dismantled.

Jesus made a classic reference to it, and said, when you lose yourself, you will find life.

He stated this truth enigmatically.

The ‘WAY TO LOSE YOURSELF’ is what all scriptures speak about.

Actively dismantling your current human self is what the Buddha taught.

Hence you are a fiction.

But, first of all you must know that you are a fiction.

Then only, will you be able to take a CORRESPONDINGLY realistic standpoint with reference to yourself.

So long as you consider yourself to be real, for that long will you continue to exist in the universe.

Thereby, you are inputting energy into your continued existence and will not attain Salvation or Liberation.

That is why, all Religions speak of humility, but do not explain its significance.

They refer to it as a virtue, but fail to project its significance.

It’s more than a virtue, it is a Spiritual necessity.

It is the absence of ARROGANCE, PRIDE, VANITY, and the absence of a strong ‘I’ sense, or ego sense.

Thereby you distance yourself from your false human identity.

And thereby attain the ability and the character to be in tune with your Divine Nature.

The current POPE, and the current DALAI LAMA are two good examples of humble behaviour patterns, and are a personification of humility which should be emulated by one and all.

They have won the hearts of one and all though not necessarily their minds.

For, HEART is the door-way to God and Liberation.

To be LIBERATED from your fictional self.

That is why Buddha, spoke of this as the ANNATA doctrine of no-soul.

As the so called soul is a compound of many constituents, and when the constituents which go to make the composite structure of a soul are dismantled, and are no more, then one regains the experience and the beingness of one’s true status in Nirvana.