What Is A Scripture? Part 5

Then the fourth aspect of this revelation is;

The source of the universe.

From whence or, where did it originate.

Since the universe with all beings is a ‘something’, it must have transpired from a something.

For only nothing comes out of nothing.

Hence, it emanated from God, subsists in God’s Beingness and relapses back into God, its source.

This process of creation is explicitly explained and mentioned in the scriptures.


So that, by an inverse process it takes you back to the source of creation, which happens also to be the source of your human existence.

This is the RIDDLE of life.

Then, is the creation real; NO.

If it is real you can never get away or escape from it. Hence thank God that it is not real, for you cannot otherwise get away from human bondage.

Then, is the creation unreal; NO

If it is unreal, you cannot experience it.

Then what is it; it is a phenomenal appearance or a show, which will disappear along with you, for whom it appeared.

Hence it is a MYTH. And you are part of this myth.

This MYTH has to be resolved in your mind.

That is where all myths originate.

You the individual, who is a product or part and parcel of this myth, has a mythical experience or perception, and this has to be resolved, from where the myth originated.

The Upanishads explain the dual process.

So does Buddha too, in his teaching.

The PROCESS and the INVERSE PROCESS is explained so that the source of this MYTH can be discerned or discovered.

When you so discover you will realise what really happened???

I will leave it to your ingenuity to realise what really happened.