What Is A Scripture? Part 4

Then the third aspect of this revelation is;

It reveals and informs you of the true nature and the status of the universe.

When you understand and appreciate its true status and nature then accordingly one will be able to take a corresponding standpoint with reference to it.

Buddha in his teachings emphasised and made special reference to this standpoint.

He said people attribute reality to that which is unreal.

The universe which is the creation is an unreal phenomenon.

The whole universe is in a state of flux.

It has only a momentary existence co-extensive with the mind.

Hence don’t take it seriously.

If you do, you will SUSTAIN it in your mind.

Then it will continue forever for you.

As you are inputting energy into it by considering it to be real.

But then, on the other hand, if you take it for whatever it is, then it will automatically fizzle and fade away from your mind and disappear.

Once gone, is gone forever.

You are now in NIRVANA.

Therefore STOP inputting reality to it.

Nevertheless, it serves a practical purpose as a field for your experience, and for your subsequent enlightenment.

That’s its due worth.

The KARIKA in the MANDUKYA UPANISHAD confirms the above diagnosis of Buddha.