What Is A Scripture? Part 3

Then the second aspect of this revelation is;

If a God exists, what is the manner of its existence.

Thus, what is God.

The nature of beingness of God is explained.

So that one would be able to appreciate GOD for whatever it is, and have a corresponding dialogue with God.

This dialogue with God is what is known as;


All three refer to one and the same act.

True prayers is true worship and true worship is true meditation.

Thus one is in COMMUNION with God.

Thus, the nature of God reveals, how to be in communion with God.

This is the most supreme act in a man’s life.

Blessed is the soul who is able to do so, and be so.

Hence, understanding the NATURE OF BEINGNESS OF GOD, unfolds the practice of your daily dialogue with God.

This dialogue is the practice of your religion.

The word God, does not mean or signify, a person or a being or a deity.

This is a primitive outlook of people who practice a primitive religion.

The word God means ‘PERFECTED EXISTENCE’.

This was explicitly explained in the beginning of section one of this ongoing education.

Hence, it is of prime importance that you clear all your misconceptions with regard to God, or to the word God.

The word God means ‘I AM THAT’. ‘I am, That I am’.

I am that perfected existence, which gets experienced in NIRVANA or MOKSHA.

In Nirvana or Moksha, I get enlightened to my true beingness, which is perfected blissful existence.

This is what is referred to as God-experience in religious language.