What Is A Scripture? Part 2


That is, it reveals to you, WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW.

There are seven things that you do not know, but should know.

Until you acquire this knowledge and understanding your spiritual education is incomplete.

When you acquire this knowledge, you will be able to live your life with the acquired wisdom.

This wisdom will give a sense of purpose and a direction in living your life.

It will also enable you to live life peacefully.

Now there is a new meaning to your life.

The Munduka Upanishad refers to this education, as the higher knowledge.

While all worldly knowledge and education is the lower knowledge.

The study of Astrology, Astronomy, Ayurveda, Medicine, Physics, Chemistry and the four Vedas, is said to be the lower knowledge, as it deals with mundane and worldly matters, says the Munduka Upanishad.

While God-knowledge is the higher knowledge.

God himself REVEALS in the scriptures and declares; ‘I AM’. I exist.

This is the first declaration of God.


I exist everywhere; and also in you as well.

I am invisibly present in all things which exist, you will have to manifest Me through your spiritual life and its corresponding discipline.

This is the supreme purpose of life and of your existence.

This is your destiny.

If not for this revelation, you would not know that a God exists.

This is the most primary revelation.