The Fall of Man

In the GARDEN OF EDEN, He put man whom He had formed.

In the middle of the garden were two special trees.


And as man was naturally placed in the Garden of Eden, he was in PARADISE.

All was well.

But, then, when you tell somebody “not to do something”, he sooner or later will do it.

This was God’s hidden intention, in order to complete man’s creation, and subsequent existence on planet Earth.

Thus man unwittingly took the bite and fell from GRACE.

Of course aided and abetted by EVE.

Then, how did man fall from Grace.

By becoming AWARE of the dual polarities of life and living AS MORTAL MAN on planet earth.

Namely GOOD and BAD. – The two polarities.

By this what happens.

One courts what is good, pleasant, and pleasing objects, experiences, and actions.

And simultaneously, averts and disdains from objects, experiences, and actions unpleasant and displeasing.

Thus his fall is complete now.

He fell from PARADISE into mortal existence.

He is now human with his strong likes and strong dislikes.

A victim of his own attractions and aversions.

His eyes got unwittingly opened to this phenomena of life.

Thus he lost his original INNOCENCE.

Therefore he has to once again RECOVER this INNOCENCE.

That is why Jesus says; unless you become like children, you will not be able to attain to the Kingdom of God.

A child is full of innocence.

It knows not, good from bad.

This is a practical fact of experience.

But then, you ruin this innocence of the child with your human prejudices.

You indoctrinate him with your social beliefs and religious prejudices and practices.

Now he has to come out of it.

Become free of all false concepts and notions, which bind him to this world.

Once the great fall has transpired, God has to give guidelines to man, as to HOW TO FURTHER CONTINUE his existence.

This is the introduction to human ETHICS.

This is the introduction of DO’s and Don’ts in man’s behavioural life.

God talks of this norm or standard of life in the BOOK OF GENESIS (4.7) and states “But, if you do not do what is RIGHT, SIN is crouching at your door.”

That is to live his life within certain parameters and boundaries of human decency.

Then in the book of EXODUS 20. 1-20 God gives the “TEN COMMANDMENTS” via MOSES, as norms for human conduct and living.

Those commandments, are valid for all people and for all races, at all times.

This is the CODE OF LIFE.

The observance of which SANCTIFIES life.

Man is not to live his life governed and impelled by his devilish and demonical traits and impulses.

These are the human ASURAS and RAKSHASAS often mentioned in the Hindu myths. That is the human devils.

Asuras and Rakshasas are those who live an inhuman devilish life of opulence and of inflicting suffering upon people.

Hence the “TEN COMMANDMENTS” is a beautiful section in the Bible.

Each one is a GEM, to be applied in one’s life.

Then, further ‘SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY’ is mentioned as an ongoing EDUCATION on the principles of ETHICS.

These are mentioned in EXODUS 22.16-31.

Thereafter the “Laws of JUSTICE and MERCY” is mentioned in EXODUS 23.1-13.

And finally the ‘THANKS-GIVING’ to God is celebrated with three annual festivals.

For, all the bounty that we receive is by the GRACE of GOD.

Even, all that we do not receive is also by the Grace of God.

For the WISDOM AND JUDGEMENT OF GOD is applicable at all times, in all matters.

With this man’s ETHICAL and MORAL EDUCATION is complete.

Thereafter, man’s SPIRITUAL ETHICS is taught in the 4 GOSPELS of the NEW TESTAMENT, and more specifically in the ‘SERMON ON THE MOUNT’.

Living of the SPIRITUAL ETHICS leads to Salvation.

You have to ‘WALK THE WAY’ or walk all the way to Salvation.


The ‘HOLY SPIRIT’ will guide you, elevate you, and lead you to Salvation.

The HOLY SPIRIT will make your SPIRIT HOLY and take you to God.

Hence, ‘WALK THE WAY’ of an angelic saintly life.

Thus ends the section on ‘creation in the Bible’.