Creation in the Bible

In the book of Genesis, creation is mystically stated.

The opening paragraph is pregnant with great hidden truths, which will have to be deciphered.

The very first line indicates God created the Universe.

This is a statement of fact.

Hence, IN THE BEGINNING before creation, God was self-existent.



In what manner. This is a great imponderable.

Which the human mind cannot fathom.

Then, HOW did God create.

The second line opens it out.


The “EARTH”, was empty of the Universe, and was yet to be formed in it.

Hence the “EARTH” was in an unmanifest potential state.

Thus the word “EARTH”, since it was formless and empty allegorically signifies an unmanifest potential seed-state of the impending creation.

“Darkness was over the surface of the deep”

is an expression mystically signifying a DORMANT STATE.

The word “EARTH” signifies the womb (of creation).

This womb of creation, the “EARTH” was in a dormant state.

“And the Spirit of God was hovering over it.”

It means;

God was going to activate it, to vivify it.

Therefore the WILL OF GOD is now in operation in order to activate it.

The time has come for creation to transpire.

Remember, the ‘SKY’ only appeared on the second day.

Also remember the ‘LAND’ and ‘SEAS’ only appeared on the third day.

Therefore before the first day just before creation,
God did something ON something.
And that was the SPIRIT OF GOD hovering over the potential dormant condition of the impending creation.

As the creation was yet to take a concrete physical shape.

This dormant condition is the WOMB of Creation, over which the Spirit of God was hovering, in order to activate it.

Then God said, “Let there be light”.

Thus He activated the creation from its dormant state, as like a seed sprouting forth.

Or as like a bud opening out.


The physical light and the physical darkness, was yet to transpire.

As this only happened on the fourth day of creation.

Therefore the separation of light from darkness signifies a mystic state or condition before creation.

As when a sleeping man awakens.

From sleeping darkness to awakening light.

This ACT OF GOD was on the first day of creation.

Furthermore the word ‘WATERS’ has been used, as water has the potential for sustaining life.

On the second day, He made a division on the aforesaid “waters”, and made an expanse of SPACE to separate the ‘waters’.

This expanse was called ‘SKY’.

Thus He created SPACE.

You need the space to put in the creation, or rather create the creation.

This act of God was on the second day.

Furthermore, by this act He made room for the Heavens above, and the Earth below the waters.

Then on the third day, He gathered the “waters” under the SKY, onto one place, and made manifest ‘DRY GROUND’.

Thus planet Earth was created.

Thus “LAND” and “SEAS” got formed.

Then He WILLED VEGETATION, and seed bearing plants APPEARED on the earth.

Therefore, put a rest to this enigma, which came first, the seed or the plant.

Nature by itself cannot resolve this enigma, nor the mind of man explain it.

Hence, have the good grace to accept the handy-work of God.

At least give some credit to God.

Then on the fourth day, He created all the glittering lights in the firmament.

He created the Sun and the Moon and the twinkling stars to add beauty to the expansive sky.

The Sun and the Moon were there to divide the time into day and night.

Thus was born the day, to be governed by the Sun and the night to be governed by the moon.

Thus DAY and NIGHT appeared to roll on in years with the seasons.

This was the beginning of physical time, to count his years in exile on planet Earth.

The Sun’s rays and the moon’s beams were to give life giving warmth to the Earth and to nourish and give sap to plants and to all living things.

Then on the fifth day He teemed living creatures OF ALL KINDS in the water, and birds of all types to fly in the sky.

Then on the sixth day, He got busy on populating the land.

He first produced, virtually out of thin air, wild animals and lizards and livestock.

Each, according to its nature.

Therefore EACH SPECIES was independently created.

Hence put to rest, the concept of one species evolving into another.

The PHYSICAL APPARATUS for each indwelling species was separately and independently created, to HOUSE ITS SPECIES.

The donkey cannot EVOLVE and become and transform itself as a monkey.

And nor can the monkey do so by evolving and becoming a donkey.

And nor can either by evolution transform and become a human, even though the monkey resembles somewhat in form to man, and the donkey milk is the closest to the human milk.

And nor can this man, with so called intelligence develop wings like the bird and ever hope to fly like angels in the sky, however much he wishes to do so.

Therefore have the good sense to accept God created each species separately as he deemed fit.

Also it is needless to ask the question, which came first, the hen or the egg.

Poor Darwin created so much of a stir, with his ‘ORIGIN OF SPECIES’.

At least he disturbed the sleeping church sleeping over its doctrines.

In the above, we are just explaining God’s creation as stated in the ‘book of Genesis’ of the Old Testament.

Then on the sixth day, God did something momentous.

He created MAN.

This was a special act.


Where in man did God create man in his own image.

When the three wise men went to pay their homage to the new born babe JESUS, they asked this question;
“WHERE” is he, who is born to be the King of the Jews.

The word ‘WHERE’, has profound implications.

WHERE, is that individual, who is born to be the King of his Kingdom.

For, “the kingdom of heaven is within”.
‘WHERE’ is that individual, and ‘WHERE’ should he be, in order to be the king of his inner kingdom of God.

It is in that place, that God created man in his own image.

So it is the bounden duty of man to be in the image of God.

So God, having created man, also gave his final spiritual education too.

On the seventh day, He taught man, by example.

He did something wonderful.


So too, He wanted mortal man too, to similarly rest on the seventh day.

So that man can be physically, mentally, and spiritually rejuvenated from his six days of toil and labour.

He also gave an injunction that all man’s servants and livestock be given a day of rest.

Violation of this SACRED INJUNCTION is a sin.

It amounts to forced labour over those whom you have in command.

In fact when I first visited the U.S.A. in the eighties, Sunday was a quiet serene day, with all establishments closed, and with no traffic on the roads.

On that day there was PEACE AND TRANQUILITY in the country.

People either went to church or rested at home.

The good people were in peaceful communion with God.


That is why it is called a HOLIDAY. A HOLY DAY.

A holiday to be in holy communion in the TRUE CHURCH OF GOD, which GOD HIMSELF had built for man.

The ALTAR is within this mortal frame.

That is where God took his rest.

So should mortal man too.

So when God created man, he wanted man to live lovingly.

For creation is a loving emanation from God.

Not to live with venom and anger.

For it spoils the sanctity of creation.

But to live with REVERENCE in your heart.

Thus, when you rest, you rest in God.

That is the doorway to Salvation.

Furthermore, man is a separate and an independent creation.

“Out of dust did he create man, and breathed into his nostrils, the breath of life” (GENESIS 2.8)

Thus man became a living being.

This puts at rest, the notion of evolution.

Man is special, as he has the capacity to know GOD.

And God has instilled this capacity in man.